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Technology is leading the world towards a digital space where each and every human is connected via digital media. Nowadays even a common man is maintaining the mail account to send or receive messages and the mails have become mandatory for every kind of industry. So, lets have a look on setting up the mail accounts in yahoo.

How to set up account in yahoo :

There are two ways you can get into the setup page in yahoo. First one is visiting the yahoo home page by i.e., yahoo. com. In the home page you can see the ‘mail’ option in the top left, by clicking on the ‘mail’ , you will be redirected to the yahoo mail setup page.

The second process is to directly type the in the web browser and you will get the yahoo mail account setup page directly.

Now you can see the login credentials page and below that you also have ‘Sign up for a new account’. Click on that link and you will be navigated to the setup registration page.

In the registration page you need to fill the categories like the first name, last name, yahoo username, password, dob etc., fields. If the username you have chosen is already existed then you need to reenter the new yahoo username, and once the username is unique your account will be created and you will log in to the mail page.

Process for composing the message in yahoo

  • After log in to the yahoo mail account, you can see the ‘new’/compose button on the right hand side. By clicking on that button you will be able to compose and send the message.
  • Just type in the valid recipient’s mail id and the subject of the message in the required fields and then enter the message in the box provided below. You can also attach the files and photos along with the message by using the ‘attach’ button.
  • After composing the message, you can send the same to the recipient by clicking on the send button. Also you can save it in the drafts by clicking on the draft button.

Features of yahoo

  • Apart from the mail, Yahoo also providing its users various other features like link to the social media, viewing the photos in the slideshow etc., along with the much more faster performance. You can view the latest news and gossips the yahoo home page.
  • By exploring the mail page, you can view the various other features in favor of its users. Even the new users can easily understand the interface because of its simplicity and design.

Yahoo is competing accordingly with other competitors and providing its users the best service time to time.

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