What is Facebook touch? How to login?

Facebook touch is an extended version of the popular social media website Facebook. Let us see what are the features, limitations and how to use Facebook touch login.

Article Index:

1. What is Facebook touch.com?

2. What are the features of Facebook touch?

3. What are some limitations of touch Facebook?

4. How can we use a Facebook touch login?

4. How can we use a Facebook touch login?


1. What is Facebook touch.com?

Facebook touch.com is an extended version of the popular social media website Facebooktouch.facebook.com is a more sophisticated version of Facebook and comprises of more features. This version of Facebook got created only for helping people who house touch screen smartphones

This version helps these customers to operate the popular social media website without having a specific mobile application and operating system. This version works just like Facebook and allows everyone to view the profiles of their friends, comment on their posts, see the images they have posted, and socialize with many people present on the website. 

The newsfeed of touch.facebook.com comprises both the most recent and top news, which is similar to the full version of Facebook.


2. What are the features of Facebook touch?

2.1 Facebook touch is a more dynamic and updated version of Facebook. 

2.2 By using Facebook touch, you can easily access the groups and lists which are available on the social media website.

2.3 Touch Facebook presents a slicker interface that attracts the users efficiently and makes them addicted to this dynamic version of Facebook.

2.4 You can easily access all the groups and lists you have got mentioned in this version of Facebook. 

On its left corner, you will get presented with all the groups where you are a member and also provides the list of liked profile by you on Facebook.

2.5 You can also see many links or profiles depending on our desired choices. 

Facebook touch provides easier access to all the profiles, groups, and lists on the webpage by tallying it with your previous likes and visits. So here, you can see and choose all the patterns or listings which are according to your wishlist. 

2.6 One more noteworthy feature of Facebook touch is that it works in all versions of mobile that is Android and iOS. 

But make sure you are updated to its latest version as the older version might be prone to various bugs and threats. 

2.7 You can also access the touch Facebook version in desktops. Yes, you heard me right, Facebook touch.com can get obtained in all prominent browser systems of desktop such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and Safari. 

But even these browsers have to get updated to their latest versions for using Facebook touch. 

2.8 You can access unlimited posts, or images present on the website as Facebook touch presents a quicker interface that houses the scroll in version

So, here you don’t have to press or click on the next page every-time as you have to just keep on scrolling down to access unlimited posts and profiles. 

2.9 In simple words, we can tell that the original version of Facebook has limited width or provides a limited scope of content where the Facebook touch.com provides an extensive breadth or scope of content in it. 

2.10 What is more interesting about Facebook touch.com is that it provides an iPhone experience to all its users as its appearance is similar to the presence of a Facebook browser in iPhones. 

2.11 Such is the quality of Facebook touch.com that Facebook itself redirects its users to Facebook touch.com, depending on the device they are using. 

From this feature, anyone can analyze how high the dynamics are of Facebook touch when compared with the prime website of Facebook. 

2.12 The chat feature presented on Facebook touch.com is exquisite and entertaining and shows a large window to let you know who is online and offline on Facebook.

2.13 The last prominent feature of touch facebook.com is that it covers the whole length of the screen to give you a more thrilling experience while viewing photos and videos, unlike the original version, which provides the viewing experience in a limited width format. 


3. What are the limitations of touch Facebook?

3.1 Touch Facebook always gets criticized for being an old version. It got launched way back in 2009 when the era of touch smartphones started. 

3.2 Unlike the prime website, Facebook touch.com does not enclose SSL encryption, making it easy prey to all the hackers around the world. 

Though the makers have launched an application of Facebook touch in both Android and iOS phones, the makers have never thought of enclosing an SSL encryption to its website. 

This factor is distasteful as most of the sites today house SSL encryption to make themselves from bugs and threats. 

3.3 Though it has high functionality and is a stylish version of Facebook, it still lacks some basic features such as security, blocking of adult content, and others in it. 

3.4 Many users have the opinion of using Facebook touch in their mobile phones and rarely use it as their desktop versions of Facebook


4. How can we use a Facebook touch login?

4.1 The Facebook touch login feature is similar to the login feature of Facebook.

4.2 You have to enter your credentials such as user name and password and viola; you will enter the world of touch Facebook.

4.3 You can also register into Facebook touch by just entering your details such as name, age, email address, and birthday and get registered quickly in this platform.

4.4 You can efficiently use the Facebook touch login feature, but here is the catch, logging in Facebook touch is quite straightforward, but logging out is quite tricky and irritating. 

4.5 The logout button on the Facebook touch gets hidden in its menu at the bottom of the screen. This feature is quite irritating as users waste a lot of time in finding the logout button and get frustrated. 

This feature can also get considered as a marketing technique as Facebook touch.com does not want its users to log out of their version. 

4.6 They want users to use this version of Facebook more and more often. True to the fact, most of the users do not log out of Facebook touch due to this feature. 

But also many users have stopped using Facebook touch because of this feature. There are always two sides to a coin, right? 


5. Conclusion of Facebook touch:

Facebook touch got primarily designed as a mechanism for using the popular social media website in touchscreen smartphones. It got created for the mobile platform but later ventured even into the desktop platform by bringing up a website in its desktop version. 

It houses a layout similar to that of Facebook but provides a wide range of features and information, which increases the visual experience of a user. Many have also referred to it as the refined version of Facebook. Though it has its pros and cons, there is no doubt that Facebook touch is a more dynamic version of Facebook.

In the above article, what is Facebook touch.com, and what are the reasons most of the people are using it gets listed. We have also listed some other features such as the Facebook touch login feature and also the limitations of touch Facebook


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