What are the top 4 companies to work for in the world?

Let's be honest, whenever we look at Google Ads or scroll through our Facebook feeds, we wonder what it might feel like to work with such big organizations?

You must have spent several hours searching for how to get a job at Google, right?

Working with top company’s is everyone’s dream. Everybody dreams of working with either Microsoft to be like Bill Gates or Apple to be like Tim Cook.

A study suggests that nearly 75% of people are okay with their current work, i.e., with an average company. But some employees thrive more than that. They’re looking for something more than this. 

The best places to work span industries include technology, health care, travel, retail, education, research, and more. 

This article will tell you about the top 4 companies to work for in the world.


1. Facebook

Facebook Inc. – although they are suffering from what can be described as a year of turmoil – they are placed in a better position to work in 2018, according to Indeed.

The job website has compiled its annual list of 50 high-performance workplaces, based on employer ratings and company reviews of Fortune 500. This social media platform was fourth on last year’s list.

While it is reported that employees respect Facebook for its concept of transparency within companies, the company spent the past year defending criticism from politicians and the media for its transparency surrounding algorithmic news standards, content policies, and data breaches. The matter has brought the attention of Facebook members and the FBI investigation.


2. Google

In its sixth year of operation, Google has reached the top of our list of Best Companies to Work For. The $ 75 billion titan tech is famous for its lucrative benefits like free gourmet meals, haircuts, and laundry services, of course. But it also takes a more analytical approach to behavior. It increased its parental leave policies. For example, after discovering that mothers were moving at higher rates – the result was a 50% reduction in working mothers. 

There’s the tradition: Downtown black-owned city halls by black Google partners, support for transgender staff, and anonymous workshops (already attended by more than 70%) help promote what workers call a “safe and inclusive” workplace. Of top players.


3. Bain & Company

Bain & Company is complementing its providers’ global technology with a living environment for digital founders, known as Vector, which includes new world-class skills, prototyping and development, flexible, mechanical and information engineering, data science digital marketing, and business technology. With this and other new offerings, Bain & Company immediately brings significant impact to its customers while creating new opportunities for current employees who want to expand their skills set and attract industry professionals to the factory.

A Texas-based innovation analyst noted that the firm “has a supportive company policy that cares about your professional development and job/health equity.”


4. Apple

With its sophisticated technology, impressive stores, and iconic products, employees can no longer boast of Apple’s performance. “Working in an apple company means that you have to work for one of the world’s leading companies,” said one former employee. Employees also praised Apple’s culture of innovation. “We’re creating new products that delight our customers and create new product categories – who else can say that?” the current employee pointed. And with more than a billion Apple devices used, it is easy for employees to feel the impact of their contributions. And of course, the people who make these devices have a good reputation.

“We work with professionals – in every department,” said the current employee. Add to that a package of excellent benefits that includes the same 401 (k), comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance, a staff stock purchase program, and paid parental leave. No wonder Apple has made a list of the best Glassdoor to Work locations for every decade.

Many startup jobs in India also give students a scope to apply and transform it into a successful company. Who knows, it might be one of those companies enlisted on Forbes?

So gear up your skills and get set go!

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