Update Samsung Galaxy S III to the latest firmware update

It has not been even a year since Galaxy S III was released, still the smartphone has managed to get an update to Android 4.1.2, which (though) isn’t the latest , but it is neither too far behind. And given the fact that most flagship phones  from other manufacturers like HTC and Sony are still launching with Android 4.1, most Galaxy S III owners are content with the updates their phones are receiving.

If you haven’t upgraded your phone to the latest and greatest the phone can officially get, this guide will help you do so. If you happen to be a geeky fella and have rooted and/or installed clockworkmod recovery on your device, you can check out third party roms over at xda. Others can play it safe with this guide. Android upgrades often come with added stability and smoothness, along with support for those apps which can be installed only on the latest android versions, like the Google Now. One of the most advertised additions in Jelly Bean was the Project Butter, which adds a lot of smoothness to the user interface and various animations.

Changelog: Here are the new features you will get once you update your phone to Android 4.1.2

  • Expendable notifications : Reply to any email you receive or snooze your calendar from the notification bar, no need to open the app itself.
  • Dormant Mode : Dormant mode lets you turn off notifications permanently or for certain periods of time so that someone’s comment on a cute cat on Facebook doesn’t bug you amid your sleep.
  • Google Now : Google Now displays interesting cards depending on your current location and weather. This is one of the highlights of Jelly Bean.

Find a more detailed overview of what changes your phone will get when you upgrade it to Jelly Bean here. If you are lured with all these new additions in Jelly Bean, patiently follow everything that is written below.

Before you proceed:

  • The update below is 100% official.
  • If you haven’t rooted yet, your warranty will still be intact even after updating the phone.
  • This won’t increase the binary count on your device. If you don’t need what Binary Count on a Samsung device is, you don’t need to worry about it.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S III to the latest Firmware:

  • Connect your device to the internet. Either enable your mobile data or Wi-Fi. If you decide to use Mobile Data, make sure you are on a data plan with your carrier.
  • Open up your App Drawer and tap the settings button.
  • Scroll down through the long list of settings and the list option in the list must be About Device, tap that option.
  • On the subsequent screen, press the Software Update button.
  • The phone will check if an OTA (Over The Air) update is available for your device.
  • Tap the Update button in the next screen.
  • The latest firmware would start downloading on your device, which would install automatically once the download completes.

Once the update completes, you will be welcomed by a lot of small new changes. This process will work for very Samsung Galaxy S III variant out there. It will also work for any update that Samsung will provide for the phone in the near future, be it Android 4.2 or the yet-to-be-announced Key Lime Pie. Till that happens, hope you enjoy the sweetness of Jelly Bean on your wonderful device. When you start feeling bored of TouchWiz, Samsung’s skin atop Android os, then check out xda for roms which give you a nexus like feeling or others which are something like you would have never imagined on an Android device (MIUI, anyone?)

Though there shouldn’t be any confusion with the steps provided in the tutorial (it’s as easy as it can get), comment below with any query you have about updating your phone.

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