Top Companies offering Internships in India [May 2020]


Getting paid internships in India offers you not only all the global benefits but also reaps excellent results. In this article, we have enlisted the Top Companies offering internships in India.

Top Companies offering Internships in India

1. American Express

If you know about credit cards, then you surely know about American Express. Over the last two years, American Express has been deemed one of the top companies to operate. They also have paid internships with an INR 60000 stipend.


2. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche is a German bank and also a financial services firm that is well recognized throughout the globe. It has chains in more than 16 cities in India. They provide paid internships with a generous stipend in India.


3. Britannia

One of the largest food corporations is now providing paid internships in India. Working with one of India’s leading confectionaries would not only improve your carrier but if you do well during your internship time, you will get a pre-placement offer.


4. Directi

The first ICANN certified IT Fintech Companies in India. It provides one of the best fresher internships in India. They ‘re even giving a reasonable stipend to the interns.


5. PayPal

If you’re acquainted with the electronic purchase, you’ve come across the growing online payment firm PayPal for sure. Your internship can be done with a high allowance of up to INR 50000 from the largest online transaction company.


6. ITC

If you’re searching for a paying internship on Internship websites, then ITC is one of the best options you can choose. With an average revenue of $8.31 billion from 2019-20, ITC is one of the most influential organizations for doing an internship.


7. Arista

A multinational computer networking business, Arista, is also one of the best ways to complete your internship. There, you can know a lot about networking while interacting with them. They ‘re the best pick among tech geeks.


8. Cadbury

One of the biggest confectionery producers in India and the second largest in the nation, Cadbury is one of the best startup stories to do your internship. With a stipend of about INR 40000, they provide ten weeks of internships, and you may also get a pre-placement offer based on your skill.


9. Microsoft

Microsoft is a dream place to work for every geek on a computer. It gives your carrier a boost and offers a nice amount of INR 40000. In fact, after the internship, you may also get pre-placement.


10. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s growing financial markets. The banking giant now provides paid internships in India with a stipend of up to INR 37000.



An internship is one of the most accessible opportunities to improve your resume. It will help you obtain experience in the related field of research before you complete your degree.

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