Top 15 VLC Hotkeys or Keyboard Shortcodes

In this article, we've summed up the top 15 best VLC hotkeys or VLC keyboard shortcuts that can assist you in having a smooth playback experience.

VLC Media player (1) has been an essential part of our lives, especially for the 90s kids. The free and open-source portable cross-platform media player software and a streaming server that was developed as a part of the VideoLAN (2) project that was initially released on 1st February 2001. 

As a writer, I’ve gotten so used to using keyboard shortcuts for increasing my writing efficiency that going any day without it takes a whole lot of time out of my schedule.

Similarly, using VLC hotkeys and or VLC keyboard shortcuts will not only prove to enhance your streaming experience but also additionally help increase your productivity. 

Yes I agree that memorizing each of these 15 VLC media player hotkeys or VLC keyboard shortcuts can 

Editor’s Note: You can bookmark this page and check on this 15 VLC hotkeys list to revise the top media player hotkeys, whenever required.


Top 15 VLC Hotkeys or VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. To Play/Pause- Spacebar
  2. To Fast Forward/Rewind Slow- Alt+Right/Left
  3. To Fast Forward/Rewind Medium- Ctrl+Right/Left
  4. To Fast Forward/Rewind Long- Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left
  5. Toggle between Fullscreen/Window Mode- F
  6. To Change Aspect Ratio- A
  7. To Switch Zoom Mode- Z
  8. To Change Volume- Ctrl+Up/Down
  9. To Mute- M
  10. To Alter Playback Speed- +/-
  11. To Play Next/Previous- N/P
  12. To Adjust Audio/Video Effects- Ctrl+E
  13. To Check Remaining/Elapsed Time- T
  14. To Stop Playback- S
  15. To Hide/Unhide Controls- Ctrl+H

15 Best VLC Media Player Hotkeys or VLC Keyboard Shortcuts:

Here we’ve listed down the 15 of the best VLC media player hotkeys that will assist you in performing VLC tasks quicker:


1. To Play/Pause -> Spacebar

You can use the spacebar on the keyboard to play and pause your video on your PCs and laptops without grabbing your mouse. It is one of the essential VLC hotkeys that makes the basic playback an easier task for individuals.


2. To Fast Forward/Rewind Slow -> Alt+Right/Left

Forward/Rewind Slow

Watching a movie, but don’t want to go through the intricate details of a scene? Just fast forward it by pressing Alt+Right on your keyboard. Similarly, if you want to rewind, press Alt+Left. 

Note: Each time you press the combo, the video will move forward/backward by 10 seconds.


3. To Fast Forward/Rewind Medium -> Ctrl+Right/Left

Watching that Bollywood movie again? Don’t worry, we all have our guilt list of Bollywood binge-worthy movies. To skip a song or a larger portion of a video, press Ctrl+Right on your keyboard. Similarly, if you want to rewind press, Ctrl+Left.

Note: Each time you press the combo, the video will move forward/backward by 1 minute.


4. To Fast Forward/Rewind Long -> Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left

In case you’re watching a video for the sake of watching and wish to skip long lengths of it, press Ctrl+Alt+Right to fast forward the video. Similarly, to rewind the video press Ctrl+Alt+Left. 

Note: Each time you press the combo, the video will move forward/backward by 5 minutes.


5. Toggle between Fullscreen/Window Mode -> F

Fullscreen/Window Mode

All set with your perfect movie, dimmed lights, and a hot bowl of ramen? Just press the F key on your keyboard to toggle between window mode and fullscreen mode on the VLC media player.


6. To Change Aspect Ratio -> A

Change Aspect Ratio

Sometimes the videos and movies that we download on our systems are, by default, set at a wring aspect ratio. To alter the aspect ratio, press the A key on your keyboard and select the desired aspect ratio.

Note: Usually, the perfect aspect ratio for videos and movies is kept as 4:3 & 16:9, respectively. 


7. To Switch Zoom Mode -> Z

You can make use of the Z key on the keyboard to switch between different zooms modes on the VLC media player, including quarter, half, original and double.


8. To Change Volume -> Ctrl+Up/Down

Change Volume

Want to increase the volume of your video without following multiple clicks on the mouse. Press Ctrl+Up to increase the volume or Ctrl+Down on the keyboard to decrease volume.


9. To Mute -> M

Just got a call from your significant other but don’t want to pause watching the movie at the same time? Just press M key on the keyboard to mute or unmute your video.


10. To Alter Playback Speed -> +/-

Alter Playback Speed

Want to go through a quick rundown of your favorite videos? Press + to increase the playback speed, 1x or 2x, or press – key on the keyboard to decrease your playback speed.

Note: VLC player provides you with an option to alter your playback speed in Faster, faster (fine), Normal, Slower (fine), and Slower modes. 


11. To Play Next/Previous -> N/P

If you have added multiple tracks and videos to create your typically curated playlist, press N key on the keyboard to play the next item on the playlist. Similarly, you can press P to play the previous track.


12. To Adjust Audio/Video Effects -> Ctrl+E

Is the video too bright, or does the sound have a high treble? Alter the video and audio effects setting by simply pressing the Ctrl+E key combination. 

The window will pop-up with three major tabs:

  • Audio effects
  • Video effects
  • Synchronization


13. To Check Remaining/Elapsed Time -> T

Press the T key on your keyboard to instantly check the remaining and elapsed time of the video being played on the screen. The info would be visible on the top right corner of the screen for 3 seconds.

Note: All the video players show the Elapsed time by default in the window mode.


14. To Stop Playback -> S

If you want to stop the playback on the screen of your VLC player immediately, just press the S key on the keyboard.


15. To Hide/Unhide Controls -> Ctrl+H

Want to gain a full-screen experience without actually switching to the fullscreen mode, for whatsoever reason? Just press the key combination of Ctrl+H on your keyboard to hide/unhide your VLC player controls.


To sum up, these were fifteen of the best and most useful VLC hotkeys necessary for a smooth playback experience. I hope you’re not tossing away your mouse after this, just kidding! 

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