Movie Download – Top 10 Websites to Download Movies in India

Finding a free movie website for downloading movies is not an easy task for anyone. Here is the list of the top 10 movie websites to download latest Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies In India

Article Index:

1. Introduction to Movie Download Websites in India

2. How can we find the best website to download movies in India?

3. What are some crux features of these Best Websites to Download Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies?

4. Top 10 Movie Websites to Download Latest Bollywood Movies and Hollywood Movies In India

5. Conclusion for Movies Download using these Websites 


1. Introduction to Movie Download Websites in India:

Downloading movies in HD is top-rated in our country. Most of the citizens in India prefer to watch their videos in HD by downloading them through some famous film downloading websites. Why so? Because there are two primary reasons for it. 

Firstly, it is free of cost. Who won’t enjoy watching some Superhit movies for free, right? Secondly, most of the Indians are movie lovers, but due to some unforeseen reasons do not find time to watch the film of their favorite stars at theatres. So such people love to watch these movies by downloading them in HD and watch it along with their family. Below in this article, we have listed out the Top 10 Websites for Movie Downloading in India that to free of cost.


2. How can we find the best website to download movies in India?

Finding a free movie website for downloading movies is not an easy task for anyone. Yes, we can name more than 50 sites in India, which houses this free download facility. Still, all these websites do not accommodate all the latest Superhit movies, nor do they house many videos in HD or full HD quality. 

So finding a movie website which you lets you download the latest movie in full HD quality is a daunting task for anyone. It is a more daunting task nowadays as many of the sites are getting blocked by Government authorities as they feel these sites are initiating piracy. But thanks to VPN, we can easily access these sites. And about finding those eminent websites, you do not have to worry as we have compiled this list only for you guys.


3. What are some crux features of these Best Websites to Download Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies? 

Though these movie websites listed here do provide all the latest movies in HD quality at free of cost, they do come with some features which prove distasteful to the users. Yes, most of these websites suffer from maintenance problems most of the time and remain closed. They house a lot of unwanted advertisements and proxy pages, which might irritate the users to the core as some of the ads even house invitations to a porn page or more. 

Some of the sites due to low maintenance take a lot of time to load, and users have no other options than waiting with patience for it to load. But, if you want to enjoy the latest movies for free and in HD quality, then you have to bear such things, or else you will have only one option left, that is watching it in the theatres. Which is better? Downloading it from the site looks better. 


4. Top 10 Movie Websites to Download Latest Bollywood Movies and Hollywood Movies In India:

4.1 Tamilrockers

One of the public torrent websites which are widely in the news for delivering pirated content in Tamilrockers. You can download any latest movie, may it be Hindi, English, Tamil, or Telugu from Tamilrockers in HD quality. Such is the high-speed efficiency of Tamilrockers that it uploads almost all movies the day it releases on its website. 

But the site houses a weak search engine because of which you might feel troublesome to download or search some old movies on the site. The website gets estimated to have global traffic of around 5 million each month. It is the number one website in India that provides the latest movies in high quality. As it is illegal to run a piracy site in India, Tamilrockers keeps changing its domain as it gets blocked frequently by Government authorities.


4.2 Khatrimaza

Khatrimaza is another website that lets you download your latest content for free in any language with the highest quality. Every month Khatrimaza garners around 1 million traffic. It provides a great bunch of collections of movies in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages. 

Though it is not as swift as Tamilrockers, Khatrimaza houses a website that has an excellent interface as well as proper maintenance. Users do not complain about the low maintenance, and unlike Tamilrockers, this website does not change its domain name often. 


4.3 Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u is one of the trustworthy websites for most of the Indians over the years. It is also one of the oldest sites and hence has gained the right amount of user base for itself. The website has been in existence for the last seven years, and though interface looks quite old, still there are no such complaints on this site from users. 

Not just movies, this lucrative website also provides a massive collection of PC as well as online games. This site, just like Tamilrockers, offers all videos in various sizes, and quality and the user can download his favorite set free of cost. The site also houses some of the mobile apps which can get downloaded for free.


4.4 123Movies

This movie website houses almost all the latest collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies in it. Though the site does not contain many films of the regional languages, you can find a vast selection of films from styles such as Hindi and English predominantly. 

The lucrative things about the site are that it organizes all the movies into different categories such as Action, Biography, Emotional, Adventure, Animation, and many more. All these collections can get downloaded in pure HD quality though users have reported instances of lousy maintenance and failure in downloading many movies. The interface of the homepage of this website is attractive, but the horrible support three has made it detain to a position of number 4 in this list.


4.5 KatmovieHD

One of the top-notch websites which provide all sorts of latest movies or web series in HD pirated as well original rips is the Katmovie HD website. You can find popular and eminent web series and movies of any language on this website through the search option looks quite outdated and takes more time to load itself. 

For attracting more customers to its site, KatmovieHD also houses many erotic 18+ series in its website catalog.


4.6 Tamilrulz

Another pirated website in our country, Tamilrulz, has its interface quite similar to that of Tamilrockers. As we said, it is a pirated website; it provides the latest movies on its website but is not as swift as Tamilrockers. One advantage of Tamilrulz is that it does not get blocked so often by the Government like Tamilrockers because of which it does not need to change its domain more often. 

As said earlier, the interface is quite similar to Tamilrockers, the search option of this site is also quite outdated, but it does not present itself with any maintenance problems to trouble its users. This website is also a torrent download website, and the users have to download the torrents in to watch their favorite movies.


4.7 Fzmovies

Fzmoives is the website that is made just for animation lovers. If you are an anime lover and want to download the latest movies in this genre, then you must visit this website. It hosts a cleaner interface and since the number of videos is quite less compared with others and hence presents fewer maintenance problems also. 


4.8 Gofilms4u

One of the fastest-growing websites in India, Gofilms4u, might overpower Tamilrockers during the future course of time. The site is perfect for almost every user as it houses the best interface, quicker search options, and an efficient organization of movies into categories. 

The reason it is popularly growing in India is because of its high level of interactive approach, and also, the fact is that it is not a pirated website. Hence, it is safe from blocking itself through Government authorities. With an Alexa rank of 59000, which is quite good for a free movie download website. This website has also shown a surge in its popularity by accumulating a higher amount of traffic recently.



Another torrent website that comprises of daily latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies is The site gets well designed though there are reports of lousy maintenance now and then. It also houses various latest videos on its website through the selected category in regional languages gets quite less compared to other sites.


4.10 Tamilmv

Another popular website in our country, Tamilmv can get called as the cloned version of Tamilrockers. The only difference is Tamilmv has a blue webpage, whereas the site of Tamirockers in green in color. Rest all are the same, except the movie catalog of Tamilmv, which houses fewer movies and gets restricted to regional film. 

Like all other websites mentioned in the list, even the Tamilmv website provides excellent content for free to all its users.


5. Conclusion for Movies Download using these Websites

As ready mentioned in the article, all these websites can not get freely accessed by everyone as some of the sites are blocked in a specific region, whereas some are blocked everywhere. 

You guys can use the proxy sites of these websites in case you cannot access their original websites. If at all you cannot access either of them, then you can use a VPN and access all these websites quickly and download your favorite content for free in good quality.

The above discusses some of the eminent websites which let you download the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies in India. From this list mentioned above, you guys can also choose the best site for downloading Bollywood and Hollywood movies in India. 

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