The work culture of Nykaa being questioned

Nykaa, the popular online beauty product, and cosmetics retailer, has found itself facing social media backlash. It has come under fire for reports by employees of toxic work culture.

The CXO of Nykaa comes out.

The Nykaa CXO was tasked with making rape remarks, punishing individuals for their economic standing, humiliating workers for food and bodies, and ignoring mental wellbeing and intellectual disorders, among other negative statements and unsympathetic actions. The accusations also recount an instance when the company made a brand video featuring a victim of an acid attack. The CXO dismissed the woman as she had performed facial reconstruction surgery and “does not look like a victim, will not give us sympathy.” While casting for “inclusive” shoots, many women were considered too black, hideous, obese, or had too many skin issues.

Nykaa replied to Diet Sabya’s Instagram post saying, “We have a zero-tolerance policy against any sexism, body shaming, or remarks that cause shame or offense. Nykaa provides an independent arbitration process for coping with such cases. Please ask your source to contact us at [email protected], and the necessary action will be taken in this regard. We want to reiterate that we have not received any concerns about any of the information listed in the post.” However, it was reported that this employee grievance redressal email Id had not existed previously, and was only generated after the problem had been brought to light. Nykaa funded by “venture capital”: India revealed their true colors in this situation.


The makeup industry may be an environment that caters to women conventionally. 

The cosmetics business pillars, removed from gendered thoughts, aren’t troublesome. It indulges in aesthetics, the notion of self-care, and the creative language.

In India, patriarchal beliefs of masculinity have maintained that it is an enterprise that tends to employ only women in large part. Around the same time, it means that these women are subjected only to stereotypical, traditional, and patriarchal beliefs of appearance and belonging. To find such negative, fundamentally unsympathetic, and patriarchal conduct coming from positions of authority in what has been commonly called the founder of beauty e-commerce in India is disturbing yet predictably.


Leadership Isn’t Gendered.

Some inspired examples of leadership have been seen at the lockdown in the business ideas in Mumbai. At one point, the internet was filled with stories about women leaders from Internshala doing a fantastic job battling the COVID-19 epidemic, with others suggesting that male leaders are “better combating the pandemic.”

Nevertheless, in all situations, good leadership derived from humility, forethought, and dedication to take into account multiple viewpoints.

The suspected toxic leadership displayed by the female Nykaa CXO is not a behavior that anybody should participate in, let alone an individual in a position of authority. This is inexcusable, this needs to be pointed on, and the company needs to respond to it. It is not a contest whose “best leader” is class, but an opportunity to demonstrate the need for leaders who aim to build a safe environment for their workers – particularly those who have been traditionally excluded.

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