Summer Internships Will Not Be The Same This Year, amid CoronaVirus

In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, most business schools in the world can't safeguard student placements and summer internships. The Summer Internships will not be the same this year.

A recent set of surveys commissioned by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) indicates a growing movement towards virtual internships throughout the summer for college graduates. 

NACE, which started polling employers in March, estimates that 90 percent of employers surveyed were prepared to stick with their internship programs unchanged at the outset. The figure fell to 74 percent by the end of March. The findings of April so far show a significant shift: As initially expected, just 30 percent of companies are going on with their on-site internships.

Currently, 36 percent claim their internship programs are going to go interactive this summer, a big jump from the 2.4 percent that suggested this plan during March’s last week.   And the internship style is not the only aspect that does change. Thirty-five percent are preparing to postpone the beginning dates of their internship programs, and 18 percent say they are raising the number of internships both on-site and online.


Benefits to the Employers and Interns:

1. Benefits to the Employers

If you’re an entrepreneur considering what to do with your summer internship plan in the light of the closures connected with coronavirus, you’re far from being alone. Companies worldwide are struggling with these and other decisions that will influence their company in the coming years. No amount of optimistic thought will reverse the fact of this becoming a setback but correctly pursued, and it can also become an incentive. 

In this bold new environment of remote quicker jobs, transferring your internships online would prepare not only interns but also your experienced workers to adjust. When you add employees to a workforce that is evolving every day, your capacity to grow as a business would be tested.


2. Opportunities for the Interns

Your internship just went virtual, so now what to do. Even if you can’t turn up in person, you can always show up as a professional ready to know, function, and develop. With many believing that the world of employment after the pandemic will be distant, a virtual internship will be a boot camp for the skills you’ll need— efficiently speaking, working as part of a squad, hitting deadlines, asking for assistance, and more for the rest of your life.

That is a chance to improve your expertise. Keep your field of work tidy, ordered, and well lit. If the dress code for a workplace is, observe it.

Ironically enough, the corporation is trying to turn your unique internship into a simulated event that has meaning for you and the agency alike. The interaction may not be ideal, but by being adaptable, you will make things easier.



The emergence of the virtual internship is an incentive for young people to develop their expertise in remote jobs. For accepting the modern automated world and push digital collaboration to the next stage, virtual summer internships are a proving-ground for businesses. So throw the doors wide open and invite the 2020 interns

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