Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

Sony’s first ever Phablet device named Sony Xperia Z Ultra has going to strike the world markets. Sony is looking forward to increase its sales after its biggest hit of Xperia Z with its new Phablet device. They are planning to release the smart phone in world markets late this month. The eye-catching design and advanced specs really excites the users of this smart phone. Let us check the features and specs of this big boy.

Design :

The best slimmest phablet ever with all the ultra modern design aspects make this smart phone a grand device. The huge device though difficult to hold in one hand has a good grip due to its rubberized exterior. The design is almost similar to Xperia Z but it is unique in its appearance. The rectangular design with rounded edges is structured by aluminum body.

The rear part is flat and smooth with good finishing, there is a camera lens situated at the rear part and we find nothing except the camera on back side. The big smart phone is really huge in terms of size and weight that measures about 7 inches in height, 3.63 inches in width and 0.26 inches in thickness and weighs about 212 g.

The sides are equipped with a magnetic charging port, Micro SIM slot and Micro card slot under a single flip on one side and the other has a head phone jack, power button, volume rocker and dedicated camera button. We find the property of dust and water resistant proof in Xperia Z ultra as in Xperia Z.The excellent and strong build quality gives the smart phone a premium look and feel.

Display :

The most amazing thing about this smart phone is its 6.44 inches screen that excites everyone who uses it. The display is powered with a capacitive touch screen and with Triluminous technology that made the display more lively and clear. The HD resolution screen of 1920×1028 pixels seems to be clearer than the actual clarity due to the display technology. The 344 ppi pixel density is good for a smart phone but for a phone of this size expected to be more. The scratch resistance and the Shatter proof covering protect the screen from external hazards.

Software and Hardware :

This is facilitated with 4.2.2 Android jelly Bean version as many other smart phones. The user interface provided is good and it is satisfactory, we need a review for getting into further more details about interface.

This is boasted with 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor that makes the device very fast in performance and very quick in response. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 is the high technology chipset used in this device. The internal memory of this Phablet device is availed with 16 GB and an expandable card memory up to 64 GB. The RAM is availed with 2 GB memory that speeds up the performance of multi tasking.

Camera :

The camera feature may be little disappointing with only 8 MP of size but it is worthy to be mentioned. This is good for capturing the best shots and the shooting the best shots in different modes like panorama, HDR etc. The LED flash is not present for the camera that makes it little fuzzy in dim light. The amazing feature of underwater shoot can avail snap shots and video coverage under the water.

The HD quality video capture is quite impressive and is fine to capture good quality of video. The 2 MP size front facing camera is best in its terms for the video chat and having some self shots.

Battery life :

The chassis is fit with 3050 mAh Li-ion non-removable battery that gives out its best charge. It is strong and is good for more than a day for the heavy users and moderate users. The apps and the features that drain the battery charge should be kept in mind while using the phone that drains the battery quickly.

Features :

Not only the technical features but also the software features and apps are delightful in this Phablet. The connectivity features include the WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, USB, NFC and the 4G technology that is LTE region avails the user with high functionality.

All the basic features like the apps, Maps, settings and every other feature is included in the smart devices. The Music and video play backs, games, advanced apps, good messaging system and the document readers are all placed in a well-suited manner.

There are certain features included in this device that is worth to be mentioned. The Stylus is the new feature in Xperia Z Ultra; a Stylus is not a dedicated device present for this smart phone. We can use a pen or pencil for writing the notes on this device. The other feature is the X-Reality technology enhances the interface feature of the display and makes the colors more vibrant. The IP58 Certificate is a rating system that confirms the durability of water and dust resistance system of the device is given to the Phablet.

Technical Details :

  •  This is capable to work under 2G, 3G and 4G and contains Micro SIM slot.
  •  The expected price is around 42,000 rupees approximately based on the information.
  •  The Phablet device has a huge body that is about 7.06×3.63×0.26 inches in dimensions and a body weight of 212 g.
  •  The 6.4 inch capacitive touch screen powered with Trilumous and X-Reality Technology is availed with high resolution of 1920×1028 pixels and high pixel density of 344 ppi.
  •  The Phablet device is availed with 4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean Version of OS, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory and expandable card slot memory up to 64 GB.
  •  The 2.2 GHz quad-core processor and the Qualcomm snapdragon 800 chipset are the exciting technical features of the Phablet.
  •  The rear camera is a 8 MP of size with good functionality, front facing camera is 2 MP of size.
  •  The 3050 mAh Non-removable Li-ion battery is strong and has better battery life.
  •  The connectivity features include W-FI, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE and USB etc.
  •  The features like Stylus, Water and dust resistance, FM Radio and all the basic features make this one of the good phones available in market.

Call Off :

Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a great competitor to its rivals and is really a good device that constitutes all the latest technical and design aspects available in the same price range. Please note that this is just a hands-on review and there may be many enhancements made in Phablet after this review.

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