Sherry Rakhra, Engineer with a Structural Vision, Rakhra Associates Chandigarh


If there is a will, there is a way. No matter what difficulties you face, you can overcome them if you are determined enough and can do whatever it takes.

On a similar note, let us know the story of North-India’s leading civil engineer, who has worked from Kashmir’s highest building to India’s second-largest planetarium in Ambala – Sherry Rakhra.


Life history of Sherry Rakhra

Sherry was born in a small village known as Nabha in the year 1989, located in Patiala. Nabha was not very developed at the time and did not offer many opportunities for light and young students. In the face of many hardships, Sherry became one of the top architects in North India.


The academic life of Sherry

Sherry finished school in Nabha. However, as the city progressed, she could also complete a joint entrance (JEE) examination to enter a higher engineering college. She was admitted to the Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (now Thapar University).

This was very difficult as he had to walk 50 miles daily to go to college. Sherry took the bus early in the morning to get to college on time and board the evening bus back to Nabha. This isn’t easy, but she was so dedicated that she earned first place every semester (6 semesters in total) with gold medals in her college and all Punjab polytechnic colleges.

Since Sherry wanted to study engineering, it was important to get a Bachelor’s Degree from a prestigious college. Here, too, she secured a place in the LEET Examination for admission to an engineering college. So, she joined the well-known DAV Institute Engineering & technology in Jalandhar, famous for its engineering studies. Since she had to leave her hometown, she stayed in a hostel.

After the meeting, Drs. Sood allowed Sherry to do vocational training. This was a six-month training course. There, she realized her passion and love for Structural Engineering and decided to earn a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Engineering, Sherry emerged from the Master’s Engineering entrance exam. Eventually, Sherry joined one of India’s top engineering colleges, namely P.E.C. University, Chandigarh Master’s degree in Structural Engineering.


Sherry’s accomplishments

Sherry was offered a job by the University where she studied for a Masters’s. He accepted the job and started working in the university’s construction department. Many other construction agencies and colleges offered him jobs but, he stuck to his job with the university, even though he paid less than others. This is because his main goal was to gain knowledge/experience/exposure in his field. Usually, this University’s contact cell examines the activities of other agencies and approves their formation. So, working here has helped him gain a lot of knowledge. Sherry has worked here for about two years.

Rakhra Associates has made a significant contribution during its four years of existence. With no recognition as the 2nd best agency in North India, Rakhra Associates has achieved much.

Sherry’s team planned and designed the top Kashmir building. This was a residential building and had 12 towers, each with 11 stories. This was a very difficult task, as Kashmir was very prone to major earthquakes. The construction of this building took one year.

So, her story is quite inspirational, isn’t it?

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