Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The official launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 at New York will be soon followed by the release of S4 in various parts of the world. To survive in the competition between the smart phones Samsung has made its move with the release of the new Galaxy S4.

The features, enhancements and the specs of this new smart device all together made this as the best Android smart phones of the present time. The rivals that are HTC one, Sony XPERIA Z would suffer with the advancement of Galaxy S4.

Design :

As we expect this is not any smaller thing it is a bit larger when compared to S3 and little smaller compared to Note 2. The dimensions of the hefty plastic body are 5.38 inches in height, 2.75 inches in width and the thickness is about 0.31 inches. The good thing is in spite of its heavy size it is a light weight phone that weighs about 130g and is offered in two colors that are black and white.

The plastic body gives the phone a cheaper look and we will be disappointed at its look. Moreover, it has the same build structure as S3 where we find the volume rocker, power button on either of the curved sides. The top and bottom are outfitted with the head phone jack and charging port respectively. The front is equipped with a large screen and a physical Home button and two sensitive keys at the bottom. The rear part is simple with camera lens, LED flash and the Samsung LOGO at the base. The design and built quality may be little disappointing to the users and we get the duplicate feeling of S3.

Display :

The 5 inch Super AMOLED touch screen is a wow factor to the Galaxy S4 with HD quality resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The pixel density is about 440 ppi that is good for the smart displays. The sharpness, sunlight legibility and the brightness are the amazing factors that would really impress us. This big screen is quite impressive and the protection given to it by the presence of Gorilla glass covering protects the phone from scratches and external noise.

Software and Hardware :

The new Galaxy S4 runs on the latest 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Android Version which is the selling point of this device. The apps, customizations and all the new specs and features would really fascinate anyone who buys it. The Touch Wizard user interface enhances the user feasibility with the device. The real big deal of this phone lies in its advanced new features like Air Call, S-translator and eye control etc.

The hardware induced in it consists of a 1.6 GHz quad core processor and 1.2 GHz quad core with different chipsets total comprise of octa core processor. The 2 GB a RAM is a great support for the processor and enhances the performance. The internal memory is left with an option between 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB data storage, the micro SD card slot expandable memory up to 64 GB are the eye catching features.

Battery :

Samsung has made an improvement even in case of the battery to meet up the requirement of the large screen, processor and the apps with a 2100 mAh Li-Ion battery. There is no test result produced on the battery life yet, but soon it will be known.

Camera :

This is the most awaiting feature from Samsung we could say; the 13 MP rear camera is powered with all the necessary at the same time advanced to blow our minds off. The image resolution is good and the clarity of the shots seems to be quite fascinating. The LED flash supports well for S4 in dim light and it is very quick in taking the snaps even when dual shots.

The most exciting features stay here with the modes that offer, firstly the erase mode that is just to mark the outline of the unnecessary objects that occur in our snap and delete it that is only the object. The second mode is the cinema mode that makes the object stable in the video while the back ground keeps moving.

The HD quality video coverage is cool and the dual video recording is another fantastic feature. The front facing camera with 2 MP size powers dual video chat system.

Features :

Even the connectivity features under gone a great improvement with its NFC technology to communicate with the nearby devices, the Paywave app that allows you to pay the bills through the phone is also a built-in technology in this new Galaxy S4. The other basic connectivity features include the Blue tooth, WI-FI with ac, USB and all the other basic connectivity features like 3G and standard 4G technology.

The multimedia features include the video and audio play backs that are on the top-notch that allows watching HD quality videos with utmost clarity. The video hub contains a collection of all videos and the other features like Samsung TV, All share cast for exchanging the videos and images between devices are out of high standards.

This contains all the basic social networking apps for face Book, You Tube, Google apps and many more which are found in even its predecessor versions. The document editors, music hub, calendar etc. are good.

Advanced Features :

Now comes with the power pack of the advanced features that include the smart stay, smart voice, smart scroll and the air view technology, S-translator etc. The smart stay system is for tracking the eye contact of the user whether it is on the screen or not and thereby performs the task according to it. The smart pause system pause the video when you look away from the screen and the smart scroll system scrolls the web page as you tilt the device. The air view technology is simply the advanced feature equipped in the device to accept your gestures, for example by simply waving your hand swipes the screen.

Air call is best in the driving session to answer the call by a simple wave that makes the communication on a loud speaker. The S-voice is an older feature with new enhancement to accept the voice commands.

Accessories :

It is little pricey to make your smart phone even smarter and alive with all the necessary and advanced accessories. The accessories what we call as enhancements include a number of new techno crafts like the S-band, S-health, Samsung game Pad etc.

S-health app mainly focuses on the body and heart fitness that is provided by many tips and to keep a regular check up for your health. S-band is simply a band that makes possible to hang out without the device but can connect the device via blue tooth. The body scale is an accessory to weigh your body with a simple machine that can be easily detected by the Blue tooth of the S4 device.

The Samsung Game pad is used by fitting your S4 device into it and enjoy playing all the games in your device with the pad. The heart rate monitor to calculate your heart rate, S view cover is the panel cover for the S4 device that is available in many colors and the wireless charger for comfortable charge of S4 without any problem with the switch boards are the advanced accessories available for this smart phone.

Call off :

Samsung Galaxy S4 can be termed as a most awaiting smart phone for the smart phone users. The expected price would be around 48000 rupees app. which is a little big amount but it is really the best smart phone to hang out with.

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