Quik.com to cause crypto disruption in the domain name industry


Quik.com will soon be out and it will highlight a major disruptor in the domain name industry by being a domain name marketplace that runs completely on blockchain transactions.

Quik.com will soon be out and it will highlight a major disruptor in the domain name industry by being a domain name marketplace that runs completely on blockchain transactions.  

Not just that, NFTs, Metaverse tokens, and domain names of all kinds will soon be available for purchase on Quik.com, a P2P marketplace. It will be a cross-chain platform based on chains such as the Binance smart chain and the Ethereum blockchain.

Users may list, purchase, and trade numerous digital assets in an efficient and fast experience fuelled by the decentralized blockchain’s promise of security, safety, and anonymity.


Crypto disruption in the domain name market.

Domain names have been used to register and manage websites throughout history, right from when the internet began. Individual ownership of domain names made them literally the first ever NFTs because they were unique and could not be copied. This led to highly sought-after domain names getting sold for millions of dollars. Quik.com wishes to divert the demand and supply of domain names on a blockchain-based platform through its soon to happen launch. 

It is expected that the domain name sector will reach a 1000 billion dollars in value by the year 2027, and quik.com expects to be the source of a big blockchain disruption in the industry by developing and running a blockchain-based domain name marketplace. 

Quik.com will be a cross chain marketplace for people to list, purchase and sell domain names on the Binance smart chain and the Ethereum blockchain. 

It’s only a matter of time before quik.com adds a section for decentralised blockchain domain names as a result of the rise of Web3. Users and website owners will feel secure, untraceable and in control thanks to blockchain. 


Stepping into the Metaverse. 

The Metaverse and its assets have soared in popularity and demand with the introduction of Meta as Facebook’s new image name and the ever intriguing concept of a virtual world. In addition, Quik.com has a dedicated section for the trading of metaverse tokens and other digital goods.

For both open listings and auctions, Quik.com will contain a large variety of Metaverse and Metaverse-related tokens, currencies, NFT tokens, and other items that may be purchased. Quik.com will be launched as an effective solution to the growing demand for Metaverse-related digital assets.

The smart binance chain anc ethereum will be used for all transactions. As a result, users will feel safe and secure in a decentralised marketplace.


A dedicated NFT market

Since its inception, NFTs have grown in popularity on a daily basis and will likely continue to do so. There is an increasing need for an effective P2P NFT marketplace since unique artworks are being offered for inflated and costly prices. NFTs have evolved into more of a lifestyle than just pieces of artwork and quik.com looks forward to supporting the idea and taking it even further as soon as it launches.

It will surely help even out the curve when it comes to the demand and supply of NFTs. With more and more people joining the NFT space, quik.com will be a good addition as an open marketplace to the industry. 

On quik.com, users will be able to list, buy, and even auction their NFTs in a P2P marketplace. Quik hopes that a diverse market with dozens of major NFT operators and scores of unique NFTs would soon be created, resulting in a full fledged expanding industry.



Quik.com sees the domain name industry moving toward the blockchain era as the domain name sector has exploded in recent years and short domains have become highly sought after commodities. Quik.com will be one of the most straightforward platforms for trading NFTs, the Metaverse tokens and domain names via a blockchain-based media. With its launch not too far away, the main highlight of quik.com is the disruption it will cause in the domain name industry. 

All transactions on quik.com will be carried out on the binance smart chain and the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, users will be able to conduct their transactions with greater openness, safety, and efficiency.

TechLauncher Team
TechLauncher Team
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