Questions to answer before quitting a job

Is it time to step down from my job? At one point or another, this is a question that we all asked ourselves.

Is it time to step down from my job? At one point or another, this is a question that we all asked ourselves.


Ask yourself these questions before leaving your job

Many individuals are waiting until they like they have to abandon their career or company, which puts them at a disadvantage. Instead of the right next career move, they may end up choosing “exit work.”

Don’t encourage that to happen to you. Instead, be diligent and take the time to review your career interests, at least once a year. The following three questions should help you ascertain where you stand.

1. Are you working for the right organization?

Be sure you don’t run downhill passively in a struggling organization. Here are seven signs you should be careful about:

  • There has been a merger, takeover, or changing of ownership, and you’re not a part of the latest changes.
  • Management regularly attacked in company journals.
  • The startup stories are not interested in new technologies or services and rely on traditional ways to do business.
  • Those you admire leave the company.
  • Profits are down, or donations are down because it becomes a charity.
  • Outsiders are recruited to executive positions through internship sites.
  • Measures to curb expenses introduced with no warning or justification.


2. Are you in the right position?

Last year may have been an excellent job for you, but is it still so? There’s one excellent work that helps you grow and learn. It’s one where people know you for your work, 

The following will help you see the risks:

  • The incentives or promotions are not above par any longer.
  • The supervisor circumvents you and interacts with the superiors or colleagues directly.
  • You are no longer called to important events, or to go out with friends for lunch.
  • You do stuff in which you disagree, or you find you ought to hide what you notice.
  • You make stupid mistakes all the time, and you never find out why they happen.
  • Your advisors quit or fall into failure in the organization.
  • You can’t guess bonuses anymore, or who should be seen as a top scorer.


3. How are you positioned for your future career?

Like the first two questions which concentrate on the possible risks or liabilities of your current employer and employment, this last question gives you the chance to see the position on the other side of the balance sheet. Check your investments for your profession like diploma courses, Work experience, WIPRO internship, educational background, etc. 

Would you find these claims, right?

  • You have a strong standing in the company as well as in the field outside.
  • People are calling on you for help and advice, and you are trying to help them.
  • You know what you want to do next and have invested your own money over the last year to develop your profession or expand your skills.
  • You know what the hot topics in your city are.
  • You know what will become the next technological challenge.

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