Process for Transferring files between your PC and Android device

As like iPhone Android doesn’t have any desktop program apps to directly transfer the files between PC and your device. There are many ways to transfer the data between your Android device and PC. All these ways are done only through manual process that involves a medium for transfer.

The first and simple way is to use an USB connection for transferring the data.

Using USB connection for file transfer:

This is the traditional way for copying the files or transferring the data between PC and your device. This is the best way to transfer or share huge data like videos, music files, pictures etc. The process is just simple like copy process for any other device.

  •  Connect the USB cable to your Android device and the PC USB port.
  •  Open the notification bar in your device and click on the button “Connect to PC” option (depends on type of device).
  •  Then just open your device’s disk drive on PC and simply copy and paste your filed either from PC to your device or from device to your PC.
  •  After completion of your task simply disconnect the device from your PC.

Using Wireless method for file transfer:

There are many ways to transfer the files through the wireless system.

  •  One of the easy ways is to use AirDroid app from the Play store which is as easy process. After downloading and installing the app you are free to use the app for transferring the files between your device and PC without any physical connection.

Using Cloud Storage for File Transfer :

Apart from USB method and Wireless method we can also use cloud storage method for transferring the data. You can store your files and data in the cloud by using the cloud services like Drop box, Sky Drive, Google Drive or any other source but note that it is applicable only to the files that are in smaller size. After storing the files in the cloud you can access the files or data from the cloud either with your device or with your PC. This may prevent the usage of internal memory of your device and PC.

There are many other ways such as creation of FTP server and by changing the Windows network in wireless file transfer system. The best way is the USB connection process which can be performed without any problem.

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