Process for Backup & Restore data in Windows 7

The process to provide safety for your data is to create back up for the files and to restore the files from the back up. Now, for the Windows 7 users this task is little easier compared to other users. The improved options in Windows 7 made it possible to back up and restore the files within minutes.

Backup the Data :

The process steps for providing back up of files in Windows 7 are as Follows :

  •  Click on “start” menu then go for “Control Panel” and double click on “System and Security” feature.
  •  From the “System and Security” feature select “Backup and Restore” option.
  •  Then you have to follow either of the ways from the steps mentioned below
  1.  If this is the first time you are using the “Backup and Restore” option then you will find a message saying “Set up backup”, click on the link and follow the steps.
  2.  If you have already used it then select the option “backup now”.
  •  Then it asks you a location for back up, it is recommended to use and external devices like external hard disk, CD, DVD or any other external devices to store the backup files.
  •  Connect the external device and then “Refresh” the window. Select the location to store the backup files then a window appears that asks what to back up.
  •  You will get an option between “Let Windows choose” and “Let me choose”, select one of the options and select the files you need to backup.
  •  If you want you can “change the schedule” and then run the backup process. The first backup process takes long time and from the next process it is quick.

Restore From Backup Files :

As like the backup process restoring the files is also an easy task with accomplishes in few steps. The restore process can be done for all files or the required files. The process for restoring the backup files is as follows :

  •  Click on “start” menu and then go for “control panel” and select “system and security”.
  •  Select the option “backup and restore” from the list of options availed.
  •  The restore process can be performed either for all the files or for the files you need.
  •  For restoring all the files from the backup files the process is :

1.  Click on “Restore my files” button and then select “Browse for folders” and select the folder.

2. Click on the button “Add folder”, click next and select whether you want to restore the folders in the original location or not then click on “Restore”.

  •  For restoring selected files from the Backup files the process is : 

1. Click on “Restore my files” button and select “Browse for files” option then select the files from the folder.

2. Then opt whether you want to restore the files in the original location or not and click on “Restore”.

  •  You can also search the file by using the key words in Search bar. This can be performed by clicking on “Restore my files” button and then click on “Search” button.
  •  The link “Select another backup to restore files from” is used to restore the files from the backup files made on another computer. Just follow the screen steps and you can restore the files.

This is all about Backup and Restore data in Windows 7 which is an easy task and completes in few minutes. The Backup and restore is an essential step to provide safety for your data before a damage happens to your data.

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