5 Online Business in India You Can Start Today!

Here are some of the best online business ideas in India that you can make use of to start your business in India today, with low-to-no investment.

Business is a risk, but do you want to work 5 days a week and put in your blood and sweat into increasing someone else’s profits or work hard to multiply your profits. Don’t get me wrong; business is tough. There’s no job security, no fixed income- it’s a risk.

However, the risk factor has been diluted in today’s time with the introduction of the internet. You can now sell digital products and services right from your home, without physically creating any products.

Here are some great online business ideas in India you can start today with your laptop, stable internet connection, and low to no investment.


5 Online Business in India You Can Start Today

1. Blog

Starting an online blog is probably the best business in India that you can start today. The importance of a blog cannot be overemphasized enough. Once you start gaining good traffic on your website, you can start earning via promotional content, sponsored posts, and Google AdSense.


2. Starting a YouTube Channel

Similar to a blog, YouTube allows you to gather your online audience by producing quality and consistent video content on your channel. Once you gather good traffic on your channel, you can start monetizing your content.


3. Affiliate Sales & Marketing

Once you accumulate a good audience on your YouTube or blog, affiliate marketing and selling can help you earn extra money by promoting and marketing products/services of other websites on your blog. 


4. Domain Selling & Buying

Domain buying and selling are probably one of the most profitable online businesses in India that allows you to sell high-quality domains, already bought by you, at higher prices to the domain bidders.


5. Creating an Online Course or E-Book

Convert the orthodox book writing and teaching methods into an online library for your users. Create an online course in your niche expertise or write an informative e-book and sell millions of copies of the same digital product at low-to-no investment.


These were some of the online business ideas that you can start with today without making any big investment in your enterprise. There are multiple free softwares and services available online that will allow you to create your business. However, don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks on improving your product quality.

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
A passionate writer with bachelor’s in the field of English & Journalism. Other than being a bibliophile, some of her hobbies are travelling, photography and poetry.

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