Nokia Lumia 625 Review

The launch of Nokia Lumia 625 has made Nokia as one of the sources for phablet device. The mid range edition of Nokia is going to hit the world markets very soon. The latest Windows Phablet is an affordable smart phone as for one willing to buy a low budget Windows Smart phone. Nokia has unveiled its new smart phone with a good number of latest specs and features. Let us see to what extent does this Lumia 625 would sustain the competition in the present market.

Design :

The good thing about Lumia 625 is its size and colored back covers. The size of this device is good enough to hold in our palm comfortably and use it without any hesitation. The body dimensions are meant to be as 5.25 inches tall, 2.85 inches wide and 0.36 inches thick. Although it is a big device it weighs only about 159 g which is due to its light weight rubberized material used for its body build.

The back cover colors of this device are really attractive and are offered in five colors namely black, white, green, orange and yellow. The removable cases are good to see and they give the phone no cheaper look. The physical buttons like power button, volume rocker and dedicated camera key are situated on the right side where as the micro SIM slot and micro card slot are situated under the chassis of the phone. The head phone jack is present on the top and a micro USB port at the bottom of the device. This device has a premium look and feel when in use.

Screen :

The 4.7 inch screen is the key factor in Lumia 625 as it is the big screen ever in Nokia’s smart phone family. The IPS LCD capacitive touch screen is good for a device of this type but the resolution offered is not a good thing which is only about 480×800 pixels and the pixel density is about 199 ppi. The Gorilla glass Corning protects the screen from finger prints and prevents it from soiling. The viewing angles are okay and the colors don’t seem to be vibrant.

Os and Hardware Features :

The Windows Phone 8 is the Operating system that is installed in this Windows smart phone. This is fine and provides good user interface, the enhanced apps and widgets are the added advantage for this new handset.

The 1.2 GHz dual-core processor is not enough but this gives out its best to enhance the performance of this device. The internal memory availed is about 8 GB data storage and the expandable card slot memory is availed up to 64 GB. Though they don’t match up with the high technical and hardware specs of their rivals they are best in their norms. The 512 MB RAM is good in its standard and usage in performing tasks.

Battery :

Nokia have no big surprises to bring as like in the battery which is 2000 mAh Li-Ion type battery that is situated under a thin chassis. This is good enough to provide backup for more than a day. Under the 4G connection and usage of apps that drains the battery it doesn’t show promising charge.

Camera :

Another compromised feature of new Nokia smart phone is its camera that is only 5 MP of size. The users can use the new feature called “lens” that is a smart camera app for capturing a series of shots for the first time in Nokia phones. The images seem to be little fuzzy in dim light and they are not of rich quality. The camera shutter is quick and offers to shoot seven continuous shots and can pick the best among them. The features like LED flash, touch focus etc. add up to the camera feature to make it good. The smart camera also avails you to remove the moving objects from the shots and select the best shot among them.

The 1.3 MP front facing is another compromise made but still it is best in its mark for video calling. The HD quality video coverage is fine and has many options to make it effective.

Features :

The connectivity features include WI-FI, Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, EDGE and 4G connectivity features. The NFC feature is not included in the connectivity feature as it is a budget phone.

All the basic and necessary features and apps like music play back, video play back, calendar, clock, Maps and many other features are present in this device. The features like document viewers, photo editors and voice commands add to the list of its basic features. The Sky Drive Storage capacity is provided for free up to 7 GB storage. The Web browsing feature is very fast in this device compared to some of the present day smart phones. The Windows app store provides plenty of latest apps and games that can be purchased or downloaded from the stores.

Technical Details :

  •  It uses a Micro SIM and can be used under 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity areas.
  •  Lumia 625 is a big device whose body dimensions are 5.25×2.85×0.36 inches and weighs about 159g.
  •  The 4.7 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen has a resolution only about 480×800 pixels and pixel density about 198 ppi.
  •  There is 5 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front facing camera with a new feature called “lens” enabled in the device.
  •  The software and hardware features installed are Windows Phone 8 OS, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM and the internal memory is availed about 8 GB storage.
  •  The connectivity features like WI-FI, USB, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and 4G are present in Lumia 625.
  •  The expandable card slot memory up to 64 GB storage is present along with internal memory.
  •  The basic apps and features are provided along with FM Radio, 7 GB Sky Drive storage and many more features.
  •  Nokia Lumia 625 is available in many colors like black, white, orange, green and yellow.
  •  Nokia Lumia 625 is available in a price range of £220 approximately.

Call off :

As Nokia Lumia 625 is a low budget smart phone some compromises have made in case of screen resolution, camera size and many advanced features. There are also some enhancements made in some areas like 4G connectivity and new features like smart camera etc. In spite of all the enhancements and compromises Nokia Lumia 625 is a worthy device in a low budget of £220 approximately.

Nokia Lumia 625 Big Screen Video :

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