Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

Nokia has introduced a lot of respectable smart phones with Windows Operating system. From the line of Lumia we have come across a lot of enhancements in the smart phones. Now we have Nokia Lumia 1020 in our markets, we prefer to call it as a mini camera with smart phone features rather than just a smart phone. Why is this so special? We have seen Nokia Pureview 808 with 41 MP Camera and Symbian OS and many of the users are disappointed with the Symbian OS. So, here is the answer for those users who expect a better Interface than Symbian. Let us check out the interior and exterior features of this smart phone.

Design :

Coming to the design part, LUMIA 1020 is very much similar to the design aspects of Lumia 920. It is nothing new for the Lumia 920 users and the body dimensions of 1020 are 5.13 inches tall, 2.81 inches wide and 0.41 inches thick almost similar to Lumia 920. The body weight is very much reduced and weighs only about 158 g that makes it feel comfortable to hold. There are bunch of colors available for the customers that are Lumia’s special colors such as yellow, red, black and white colors.

The build quality is excellent and hefty with beautiful design aspects. The rear part is very showy with the camera lens, xenon flash and LED light placed on a circular strip. As the noticeable thing about this smart phone is camera and it is beautifully crafted over the rear part. The front of the device is perfect with a clean black screen and has an elegant style. The physical buttons are all on the right side and they include power button, camera key and volume rocker. On the top we find a head phone jack and a SIM slot whereas the micro USB charging port is present on the bottom part.

Display :

The 4.5 inches AMOLED touch screen is beautiful on the front and adds the beauty to the device. Though the resolution is a HD quality but it offers a respectable resolution of 768×1280 pixels and a pixel density of about 332 ppi. The images, texts and the videos are crystal clear and are very sharp. The sun light legibility is good and the viewing angles are perfect as its predecessor. The Gorilla glass corning protects the screen from finger prints and external noise. The Clear Black display and Pure HD motion makes the screen livelier.

Software and Hardware Features :

This Windows phone 8 installed smart phone show a clear difference between the Windows phone and Android or iOS phones. The version boasted is Windows phone 8 Amber Version which has a slight enhancement to its previous Windows version. The Interface provided is smooth and gives a good viewing experience for the users. Moving to the hardware features we notice the 1.5 GHz dual-core processor is pretty much faster and shows good performance. The internal memory availed is 32 GB storage and 2 GB RAM memory that speeds up the device.

Battery :

The non-removable 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery boasted in the chassis of the device is good for the present smart phone users. This gives a good battery charge for a day on moderate use but on heavy use the battery drains out easily and need to be charged. Compared to the rivals of Android and iOS devices this device is lagging to provide a strong battery.

Camera :

Here comes the main thing about the NOKIA LUMIA 1020 the camera. The 41 MP camera is not the thing we find in any other smart phone, yes Lumia 1020 features 41 MP rear camera. This can be accessed through the Nokia Pro cam app present in the device. The tutorial guides you how to use the cam and the options attached to it. All together you can shoot an image utmost 34 MP of image quality. The thing about this camera is that it comes with 41 MP sensor and saves the image with 5 MP size. This means the quality is of 41 MP size camera and the image size is only of 5 MP size. This is due to the reason the 41 MP photos need a high speed internet and consumes a lot of data pack. The quality remains to 41 MP but the size differs. This is the best thing that when we zoom the photo or crop the photo we don’t find any distortion or degradation in the image quality. This offers all the best modes and setting a smart phone could offer. The xenon flash is another asset that really does a good work in exposure and lighting. The camera lens, sensors and all the features are similar to the LUMIA 920 camera features.

We can’t say this is as good as a DSLR camera or other but it is best in terms of smart phone cameras. The 1.2 MP front facing camera is best in norms and good for the purpose of video calling. Coming to the matter of video capture this is also another best thing we could do with the camera covering the video with utmost HD quality and enhancing the zoom factor four times without any loss in image quality.

Features :

Nokia Lumia 1020 have not crouched any feature including the connectivity feature. The connectivity features comprise of WI-FI, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, GPRS and EDGE. This also allows 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity in this device.

The basic features like calendar, clock, document readers, editors etc. are present in this device. The enhanced Interface features like Live Tile system, customizations works well and is very nice to use. The social networking apps like Face book, twitter, Gmail etc. are present to avail the user with utmost functionality. The multimedia features like Mp3, Mp4 and many hard-core games are availed in this device. The sound and video features are perfect and gives a good experience for the users. The Sky drive storage is the special feature for the device to use the cloud storage through the smart phone.

Technical Details :

  •  The new NOKIA LUMIA 1020 works under 2G, 3G and 4G networks with a Micro-SIM capability.
  •  The body dimensions are 5.13x 2.81×0.41 inches and the body weight is about 158 g.
  •  The 4.5 inches AMOLED touch screen provides a resolution of 728×1280 pixels and pixel density of 332 ppi.
  •  This device is boasted with Windows Phone 8 Amber software and the internal memory availed is about 32 GB.
  •  The processor equipped is 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM is equipped to the device.
  •  The 41 MP rear camera is the real asset to the smart phone with best options and features. The HD quality video capture and 1.2 MP secondary camera are best in norms.
  •  All the connectivity features, basic and advanced features are equipped in the smart phone to provide good functionality.
  •  The price tag for the new smart phone is around 30,000-40,000 approximately. The price may vary depending on the purchase and offers.

Call Off :

The new NOKIA LUMIA 1020 is one of the best Windows smart phones and can be chosen mainly for its camera. The only feature enhanced in this device is camera and the users if not concerned for the camera can go for any other Windows phone lie LUMIA 920 etc. On the whole it is good in terms of camera, OS, features and functionality.

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