NFT Domains Marketplace, launches minting of TLDs like dot metaverse & dot blockchain

Join Quik now and get to choose from over six alpha TLDs (Top-Level Domains), including .metaverse domain names, .vr domains, .blockchain domains, and many more such extraordinary domains!

The internet has completely changed, and it is entirely different from what it used to be before. Earlier, we used it for socializing, sharing government’s confidential data, etc. As technology progressed, several activities started taking place on it. 

From payments to managing finances, from watching videos to communicating with people sitting across both sides of the world, the internet has proved to be a blessing. 

With such progressive technologies and the internet revolution around the corner, another recent discovery has been launched, NFT domains! NFT domains are formed by uniting two revolutionized ideas- crypto and internet domain address. These domains are entirely different from conventional ones as they are designed to function more.

Unlike conventional domain names, NFT domains are a one-time purchase, need no renewal plans, give a payment website URL linked to a crypto wallet, and are a decentralized network. So, in an era where the centralization of internet entities acted as a barrier to creativity, NFT domains have been beneficial. is an NFT domain name marketplace with next-generation tools that provide various NFT domain names. Recently, they have started minting NFT domain names of the Ethereum blockchain, taking the domain industry to the next level!


Quik: The next generation marketplace for NFT domains!

Domains are the unique naming method used instead of IP addresses as they are difficult to remember. However, with the advancement of blockchain technology, we can now include NFTs as domains, which is way better than the conventional domains. 

As we know, traditionally, domain names are rented for a particular period that relies on certain subscription fees monthly or yearly. So, those who wish to continue using the particular domain have to renew their plans. 

NFT domains have come ahead with a one-time purchase plan and full ownership to break those time barriers and guarantee full ownership. They also serve as a secured wallet for transferring cryptocurrency with your NFT domain address. 

You can access various extraordinary NFT domain names at Quik. You can also transact your NFT domains using BNB, Ethereum, or QUIK. The company aims to be the world’s simplest NFT domain marketplace where anyone can buy, sell, mint, or list their decentralized domains. 

Quik is 100% reliant on blockchain technology, so you need not worry about any scams or mishaps as their transparent and secure payment getaway is always ready to assist you. With 0% hindrance from any third-party entity, Quik aims to be the best customer-friendly NFT token marketplace.

Additionally, NFT domains are purchased by people who want to simplify their crypto transactions by providing a single name that will replace multiple wallet addresses. They are also used as URLs when building websites that validate IPFS research. These peer-to-peer websites operate without centralized servers, and your new NFT domain can be used as its address. 

People can sell, buy, mint, or list their NFT domain names just like they trade their NFTs and earn high profits. On Quik, you can carry out these operations without hesitation and be stress-free as the website is integrated with three blockchains- Ethereum, BSC, and GateChain.

So, join Quik now and get to choose from over six alpha TLDs (Top-Level Domains), including .metaverse domain names, .vr domains, .blockchain domains, and many more such extraordinary domains!

Moreover, each TLD has a limit of over 1k-20k domains! Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Join Quik today and take your business venture to the next level. Also, don’t forget to get early access to QUIK token sale going live!

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