Microsoft Surface RT Review

Microsoft has stepped into the tablet market with its new Windows RT OS Version. This can be termed as one of the best tablets available in the present market and also this Microsoft Surface RT becomes a brand for the Windows 8 tablets.

This tablet has a great chance to stand as the best tablet in the list of top most tab devices in the world. Along with the Surface RT, Microsoft has launched another device named Surface Pro that runs on Windows 8 Pro version.

Surface Design :

The device has a very premium look with a gorgeous black body that weighs about 680 g which is a bit heavier than iPad but that doesn’t have that feel. The body dimensions are as 10.8 inches wide, 6.8 inches tall and 0.37 inches thick that make it a big device and at the same time portable too. The back side is powered with a kick stand which is finely placed at the rear part and when it is very comfortable and simple to use that tilts about 22 degrees.

The front part is designed with a web cam above the screen and a touch sensitive home button below the screen. The rear part has a metallic feel with a magnesium Vapor mg chassis that helps to hold it comfortably. The chassis is finely finished and contains a rear camera on the top of the rear part.

The sides are equipped with a head phone jack, speaker grille and the volume rocker on left side and the right side with two 2.0 USB ports, speaker grille, HDMI port, a magnetic attachable power port. One of the ticking thing is it has got a micro SD slot under the kick stand but it is usable.

The design is quite fascinating and has a very luxurious look for its unique body design and color.

Display and keyboard :

The 10.6 inches IPS screen is powered with a high resolution of 1366×768 pixels not a HD quality but good enough to have a clear view. The pixel density is good that offers a high picture quality and the aspect ratio is 16:9 that is near to the TV shows etc. The multi touch system supported to the screen is fine and it is 5-point multi touch system. The touch responsive time is fast and it is very quick while using it.

The detachable keyboard is a two in one use for the tablet, it can be used as a touch cover and at the same time it is a keyboard. Microsoft has laid a price tag on the touch cover for the basic version of about $120 and for remaining add-ons it comes along with the device. They are offered in numerous colors and they are easily attachable by a simple magnet present at the dock of the device. This is really strong and is very adhesive which is awesome even when held upside down. The keys are flat and it will take a little time for anyone to accustom to the keyboard.

Software and Hardware :

The optimization version of Windows 8 called the Windows RT is the OS present in the Surface. This enhanced version may also be limited in terms of apps and widgets. Though there are many enhanced features and apps in this software, we have also found there are certain drawbacks in this software where they need revision.

The Windows 8 is optimized with the ARM technology that equips a 1.3 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor supported by 2 GB RAM memory. The internal storage is facilitated with an option of 32 GB and 64 GB of storage and which can also be upgraded to greater memory. The SD card memory can be upgrade up to 128 GB memory.

Battery :

The 31.5 W-h battery is the best thing in the Surface tablet that shows off this time with a great battery backup. The estimated and tested battery life of the tablet is about 7 hours and more or less equal to 8 hours. On the moderate usage you will be happy to see that the battery has still charge even after two days. For many of the Intel processors, we find problem with the battery life which is eradicated in this device.

Camera :

There is nothing much we expect about the cameras of the tablets, in this case it has two cameras that are front and rear cameras. The rear camera is 5 MP sized with a good resolution but fails in the presence of dim light. The shots are fine but they are not that appreciable. With the available settings and modes the pictures can be enhanced for having a good visibility experience.

The 1.3 Mp or VGA quality front facing camera is not extreme good but it is fine for video chatting, skype or self shots. The video coverage can also be done at a good picture quality.

Features :

The wireless connectivity includes the WIFI with a/b/g/n connectivity, Blue tooth connectivity and the other features include USB, internet but there is no 3G network connectivity available for this device.

The multimedia features included in the device is a bit exciting thing we found. The enhanced features like Xbox and Xbox video are the two apps that offer purchase of movies or music tracks. The Music app is good for listening and at the same time for the free download of music tracks. This supports the high end games and normal games like cut the rope etc.; they are really well when playing in this big screen.

The Windows store is the first remedy Microsoft offered like the app store and Google play store. But, in fact this is not that worthy as its rivals offer the apps in their respective stores. The most annoying thing about the apps is the absence of apps like Face book, Twitter etc. which most of the people like to use. The apps present in the store include BBC News, Sky Drive cloud storage, Skype, weather, Fresh Paint and Photos app etc. which are necessary and useful. The document readers like the OFFICE tools which include the Word, One Note, Excel, Upload center etc. but that exclude Outlook from MS-OFFICE. Though there are many useful apps it doesn’t contain advanced apps and features, this shows the Windows store need a refinement for the apps.

Call Off :

Microsoft Surface RT is the best tablet device in the Windows platform which lies in the price range of $460. There are many updates released for the apps, office and many more features of the RT version. Due to the firmware update and all the updates the performance has been increased drastically by covering up all the errors and bugs it has got previously.

So, now it is fine to have one Surface RT tablet and get all the updates and upgrades available for your Windows device.

About: Thulasi Ram