LG E900 Optimus 7 Review

The new LG OPTIMUS 7 is LG’s new product in the smart phone world that is induced with Windows OS. All the tech features and advanced apps pops up the device into the strong competition of the world market. In the world where everyone are expecting to stop the Windows smart phones LG has taken a brave step to introduce its new gadget. Let us find out what LG has made with this smart phone to with stand the competition from its end and also from the other rivals.

Design :

The premium look for the new hand set is given by its elegant design and style to say frankly it is very simple but stylish. The LG hand set is covered by with a black metal all over the body and it is really a big boy which measures up to 4.92 inches in height, 2.35 inches in width and the thickness is about 0.45 inches that can be held very easily in the hand. The rubber finishing gives us the grip to hold it tightly and comfortably that weighs about 157 g. The only predominant color that is offered to the customers is black.

The especially mentionable parts really don’t exist in the new gadget; everything is simply and beautifully equipped. The stylish rear part is crafted with a specially designed camera lens with the flash which is enveloped by a metallic and glass frames that takes over our looks. The curved sides are designed with the dedicated camera key, volume rocker and the charger slot covered by a small plastic plate on the either sides.

The top part is filled with power button and head phone jack. The front face consists of a screen above and below with lots of empty space that is filled up with three soft keys and sensors.

Display :

You will be mistaken if you think that the huge phone consists of a huge screen, this has only 3.8 inches TFT touch screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. Though the resolution is really not that better but in terms of screen size it is fine and clear. The viewing angles are okay and the pixel density is powered up to 246 ppi. The Gorilla glass covering is an extra protection for the screen that prevents this from scratches. The three soft keys below the screen are crafted with a metal and bulges a little from the body, the performance of back and search buttons are okay but the windows home button faces a little problem while using it. The problem is the back and search buttons covers most of the area and makes the home button space congesting.

Software and Hardware :

As this is one of the Windows smart phones it is equipped with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS and which is enhanced with ultra new apps and customizations. The user interface provided makes the user to adapt very easily into the environment. The homes screen and the new apps all together makes up the smart device more functional.

The 1 GHz single core processor enhances the performance of the hand set with the storage support of 512 MB RAM and for your surprise it has an extra functionality that is 512 MB ROM. The internal storage is more than enough with 16 GB of data storage with the absence of card slot memory.

Battery :

The 1500 mAh Li-Ion type battery has done its job from its part with a fair charging that can make up for a day or more in moderate usage. For the heavy users you can have a pretty good time of about 6 hours or more. This is the best thing a smart phone can do as per the norms.

Camera :

There is a decent camera of 5 MP with a good resolution and powered with LED flash light. We have got good number of shots that are very clear and sharp. This doesn’t provide a huge number of options but it is very limited like shooting modes like panorama, intelligent shot etc. The image suffers a little fuzziness in case of darkness and with flash we can get rid of it a little but still we find something that is annoying.

There is a possibility for video capture with 720 p HD quality that can make up to a good range of video coverage. There is no secondary camera that allows for the video calling or self shots.

Features :

All the required connectivity features like the Blue tooth, WI-FI, GPRS and USB connectivity are included in the new hand set. The enhanced features available for the connectivity are good in use.

The special apps like Play To that help to access the images, music and video files that are present in the nearest PC or gadget. The scan search is the pleasing app to find the nearest places like hospital, restaurant etc. used to find the locations of the nearest places. The multimedia features powered by the Zune software system for the music play back helps to access the music tracks from the stores easily. The social networking features like the Face Book integration etc. provides an exciting experience and the general apps like the document viewers, players etc are fine in use.

Call Off :

With all its specifications and all new apps this is one of the best Windows smart phones in the present market. Though there are some flaws in some aspects this can be considered to purchase.

About: Thulasi Ram