Leap Motion Controller Review

As we see the improvement of the technology has bumped up many inventions. Touch screen is one among such type of inventions that made the existence of accessories like mouse and keyboard almost hindered. Now, it is time new feature known as Gesture recognition promoted by Leap Motion Controller. Gesture recognition is not a new word as we are familiar with this even before with some of the games powered with Xbox Kinetic. But now this is not a real alternative for touch screen except it starts a new era of inventions.

Unboxing and launch :

The Leap Motion Controller is a small black colored device wrapped all through the sides with a silver frame that seems just like USB pen drive which is almost 3 inches in height. This is well-packed along with a pair of USB cords with two different lengths of 2-feet and 5-feet. The box also contains a card that has the download link of the app for Leap Motion Software installation which completes in few minutes.

The set up process is an easy task which can be accomplished in few steps. Connect the device with USB cable to the laptop or desktop; place the device in such a way that it could sense your gestures. Then an app called “Orientation” gets installed in your system and a promo starts explaining the usage and uses of the Leap Controller device. The device consists of LED lights and sensors which notify the users that the connection is success.

Airspace Store :

The Airspace store is a collection of apps that is in the software of the device. The apps show the real performance and usage of this Leap Controller device. There are many apps designed for Windows, Mac etc., the apps are organized for games, music, image editors, special effects etc. The games like “cut the rope”, “Puddle” and many other games are quite exciting and funny. The hand waves are enough to handle the games, images and playing music.

There is a lot of app collection in the store that includes Astronomy, science, art and many enthusiastic subjects that one would look for.

Pros and Cons :

The range of the sensors are limited up to 2 feet and the users should mind this when they are using this device. The device suffers from light variation and sometimes misses to catch your gesture. The laptop or the device you have connected the Leap Controller device should be stable and movement may not detect your gesture. This is just a device and further more enhancements have to be made for this to survive and challenge in the world markets. The functionalities of this device are very limited and they have to be extended.

Call Off :

This is one of the new inventions that make the user experience a new way of interaction through gestures. At a price tag of $80 app. this would be a worthy device to pay. We hope Leap Motion controller as a foundation for new innovations and inventions in the technical world.

How Leap Motion Controller Work’s :

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