Latest iPhone 6 Gossips, Features, Release Date and Expected Price Range

Every time, we see after a release of Apple iPhone device, rumors about the next generation iPhone would start to wander all over the world. Now, it is the turn of iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S which is expected after iPhone5.

Well let us have a look over the rumors, features, release date and the price tag which are not exactly known but news from the known sources.

iPhone release date, iPhone 5S or 6 ?

Based on the predictions and from the sources, we expect a summer iPhone release. But, if like the previous versions we have S range device, then the release dates may change to end of the year or start of next year that is 2014. Predictably, this time it may be a direct device of iPhone 6 rather than iPhone 5s.

iPhone OS, Camera and Connectivity :

There may be a release of the next revised edition of the iOS the iOS7 version which is expected to be boasted on the new iPhone 6, whose release may follow the release of iOS 7. As the Appleā€™s purchase on camera from Sony we would expect a 13 MP camera with high resolution and image quality.

The connectivity features may be enhanced by the WI-FI 802.11 ac may be NFC and hopefully wireless charger since all the new smart phones are equipped with advanced features.

iPhone Display, Processor and Memory :

This time according to the Mac leaks the screen may be powered with Retina plus IGZO display which may be 4.8 inches. There may be predictably three different sizes and the screen may be powered with HD quality resolution and high sensitivity that may be eight times more than the ongoing devices.

As the recent smart handsets are all powered with TV out this time it may also be featured in the upcoming edition of iPhone. Every time Apple release a iPhone there is also an update of processor, now it may be A7 quad core processor that fits into the iPhone. The memory equipped in the iPhone may be around 128 GB which is very high for a handset but it is already existed in iPad.

iPhone Build Quality and Price Range :

For most of the users it may be a good thing that there may be a decrease of price tag for the latest iPhone because according to known sources, we expect a plastic chassis instead of a aluminum, which weighs a little low and this may be one of the cause to decrease to the price tag.

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