iTunes Radio Review

Apple has many big surprises to bring out this year, the Apple line of inventions has begun with Apple Radio or iTunes Radio. This is a streaming service and gives out a tough competition to Pandora streaming music service. Let us check out what is new about this iTunes streaming service. This must be a mouth watering invention for the music lovers.

Easy to Customize the Stations :

This iTunes radio can be used from any of your Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. It is really an easy task to customize the stations in iTunes radio. You can easily build up the station based on artists, singers or tracks. Just by tapping on “new station” option below the track you can create a station. The options like “add station” or “delete station” are present in “edit the station” option.

There are more than 26 million music tracks available in the iTunes store. The tracks you have listened can be stored in the iCloud service and retrieve them later. The song or the music track is enabled with an option of “buy” to purchase the song or tune from the iTunes store. You can also purchase the songs you have listened far before by checking them in the history available in iCloud and buy them.

Siri Integration :

The voice recognition system SIRI is integrated to the Radio system thereby facilitates to listen and change the tracks even in driving. You can use the commands like “play more like this” to listen the songs of the particular type. The commands like skip, next, stop, play or pause etc. plays the songs according to your wish.

iTunes Match :

The iTunes service comes up with many advertisements in the middle of the songs. To avoid the advertisements or to listen ad-free music just subscribe to iTunes Match that makes your music ad-free. This also avails to store the music tracks you like to iCloud service not only from the iTune stores but also from other sourced like CD or any other stores.

In the iTunes Radio you can balance the tracks between top hits and new discovery. All the latest and trendy songs can be heard in the iTunes Radio even for the first time. The service is free for the U.S. customers and available only in U.S. They are looking forward to extend the service for the customers of other countries.

About: Thulasi Ram