Is Adobe Acrobat Update Service armsvc.exe is necessary or compulsory?

Armsvc.exe which runs by the name of Adobe Acrobat Update Service is a background program that runs in Windows under SYSTEM context and this program runs when the PC boots up. This is a part of Adobe Updater and instinctively checks for the update of Adobe software. This service provides automatic updates for the software and eliminates notifications to the users about the updates available all the time. This Service checks for the updates for every three days and updates the software itself. This service is embedded in the Adobe Reader that is for the latest versions and automatically installs along with the Adobe reader. This service works silently if you enable automatic updates, notifies you if you enable semi-automatic that is let me know option and doesn’t show anything if you enable do not automatically update option. All these come under the category of Updater and the path is Adobe reader -> Edit -> Preferences -> updater.

Is armsvc.exe a virus?

The service armsvc.exe is not a virus file and in fact it provides a security update service for the user. But there are some malware files that work under the name of armsvc.exe which are dangerous. So, beware of such types of files which grab major part of CPU time and make the system crash. So, always have a regular scan over the malware files.

Is armsvc.exe is necessary or compulsory?

Though it is not compulsory to enable the Adobe ARM service but it is recommended to enable this service. The entire thing it does is updating the software whenever a new update is available and thereby decreasing the burden for user. Sometimes it causes a problem by utilising most of the CPU’s time and thereby hinders the performance of CPU. For this you need not disable the service completely but you can change the set-up of automatic updates in the Adobe Reader. You can change the option by following this navigation. Open Adobe Reader, then Edit -> Preferences -> Updater. You can change the mode by selecting one among the options available. Adobe Company has recommended this service for silent software updates without any worry for the user to update the software every time and also to make the user get rid of all the notifications.

Can we remove armsvc.exe?

We can remove armsvc.exe, but it is strongly recommended to have it. For this you can disable it by using the command prompt, type this in the command line DISABLE_ARM_SERVICE_INSTALL=”1″, the Adobe Acrobat update service will be disabled.

You can also disable it at start-up time by following the below steps :

  • Click on start, then select run in the menu.
  • Type “msconfig” command in run window.
  • Then a window opens with several tabs.
  • From the “start-up” tab uncheck the “Adobe reader” and click apply.
  • Next time when you restart the system the Adobe files doesn’t run.

There are some other procedures to get the arm service disabled but this are the easiest ways among them. Hope the above article is useful in your way to find what amsvc.exe is and how to disable it.

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