India – What is trending this year in the country?

2020 has been nothing short of a movie plot for all of us in India as well worldwide. During such a time, many topics trended all across countries, be it the climate change issues, political riffs, or the latest coronavirus pandemic. India has its shares of trending news, some of which we have covered in this article.

India’s Lockdown extension

With the number of reported coronavirus cases witnessed a sudden spurt in numbers in the past week, the PM went on to announce in an all-party meeting that the lockdown was supposed to be removed on April 14, might get extended. He went on to add that life will see a hit as here will be posted and pre corona times. He stated that the situation in India is almost like a social emergency, which requires important behavioral, social, and personal changes to control and better the case. The all-party meeting was conducted via video calls.


15 UP districts most affected

Likely to shut until April 15- 15 districts in UP, which had seen a sudden spike in the number of COVID-19 cases would be shut down, however, deliver services of essential items and commodities will continue. The list of hotspots includes – Lucknow, Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Agra, Shamli, and Saharanpur. UP has so far has seen three patient deaths, with 21 patients having recovered. This announcement by the UP government came after PM Modi’s announcement to stretch the lockdown beyond April 14. These announcements come at a time when several state ministers indicated their preference to extend the lockdown until the country is left entirely free of the virus.

Coronavirus is not the only trending topic in India.


Apart from the news about the coronavirus, we also have the following set of trending news in India:

1. Internshala newsInternshala went on to announce their free training programs and its E-learning platform for kids of healthcare workers across India. This is Internshala’s way of thanking all the medical, healthcare staff who have been at the front of the lines fighting and protecting the entire nation in the face of the global pandemic. As a part of this free training program, all children of medical staff will be given free access to the online programs up until April 15. These kids can learn skills such as programming, business communication, and designing, among others. The CEO of intershala, Sarvesh Agrawal, said-

“While we are at home, the healthcare workers are out there screening and treating COVID-19 patients, putting in extra hours, and taking risks for our safety and well-being. Through this initiative, we want to express our gratitude by supporting their children in whatever ways we can,”

2. Work from home jobs – work from home or WFH became a rending topic as each one of us was faced with staying indoors to avoid spreading the virus. In the latest news regarding this trend, freelancers in India are facing payment troubles as the lockdown has made it difficult for them to receive their payments. There is a 24 days delay in domestic payments while international payments are taking double the time, thus increasing the agony.
Work from home phase is nowhere nearing its end, and it seems people might have to keep it this way even after the lockdown ends as no one I swilling to take any risks at the time of a novel virus. With HRs of various top companies considering this WFH trend to be the next major thing and the virtual workplaces to be the future of companies.


3. Startup news – Plop is a Mumbai-based mobile interactive platform that has managed to raise funding from Better Capital and Hari Balasubramanian’s EaSyndicate on LetsVenture. Plop plans to make use of this undisclosed funding amount to bring more content creators and content writers together. Plop, the Anushka Shetty and Vineet Shetty startup, has witnessed an increased traction activity mostly in the US and the UK. “We believe we are re-introducing storytelling to the youth. We aim to be the first global platform for immersive storytelling on which writers and even traditional publishing houses around the world could create and monetize their interactive fiction,” said Anushka Shetty.


4. Bitcoin news – Tim Draper believes bitcoin may be a success during such times of crisis when the stock market has crashed owing to the pandemic. He said-

“They (the government) are gonna be printing all this money to try to get the economy back after they’ve tanked it,”

he went on to ass that the money that will be added will be useless. People will increasingly turn towards bitcoin in the coming years.

Srishti Garg
Srishti Garg
Srishti is currently studying in University of Delhi and developed love for reading since childhood. A lot of introspection has made her realise that she is passionate about writing.

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