HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus Review

HP has given its best shot in bringing out the Multifunctional Printer called the HP Office Jet Pro which is an all-in-one printer. As it is a multifunctional printer it supports printing, faxing, scanning and ePrint from the cloud, Email and through connectors.

This is mostly concerned for the small business firms with a low price tag and more functionality. This would be a better thing for the home and also office purpose which works as both ink jet and color laser.

Design :

There is a total refinement when it comes to the body design and color of the new device. The body is colored in a brownish bronze color that gives the device a premium look. This is a little bit heavier one that weighs about 27.8 lbs and the body dimensions are 12.4 inches in height, 19.4 inches width and 16.3 inches in thickness. This consists of a 4.3 inches (diagonally) touch screen display that is powered with six touch sensitive keys, the display consists of apps, copy, scan and fax icons to avail the users with easy use. The display is powered with a virtual keyboard that is traditional QWERTY keyboard that makes the navigation easy.

At the front, it has an input tray with a capacity of 250 sheets which is 4 inches in front of the device and above the input tray there is an ADF with 50 page capacity. There is an availability to upgrade the input and output trays with an extra charge of about $100 which gives us an input tray of 250 sheets more.

Ports and Connectors :

At the left bottom of the front part it has one USB port and two card reader slots to read memory card. They can be accommodated with four ink cartridges namely black with double width, cyan, yellow and Magenta colors.

It has also extra ports on the back side of the device that are USB port and Ethernet connector port that enables to connect the internet. This facilitates print through Emails, memory card, pen drive and many out sources.

Features :

The features included in the HP Office jet can be termed as the best things we have found in the device. The features include direct print, Air Print, ePrint, scan, copier and different apps in the display. The direct print is facilitated to the documents connected through USB port, Air Print is the most fascinating thing that works through WI-FI. It is very simple to connect the printer to wireless network or WI-FI with simple navigations and entering the password. This makes it to access any iOS device like iPhone, iPad etc. and can easily perform your task like scan, copy or print.

The ePrint feature makes it available for the users to mail their documents to the unique mail address present for the device. The apps in the display consist of more than 21 apps that include the sources like yahoo, USA Today and Financial Times etc to print the pages. The other apps include Disney land; Dream works etc. to get the color print of the images. You can also download and install free apps from the ePrint Web site. The duplex print first feeds the information from the pages either it may be one side or two sides and then avails for print without turning the pages.

Apart from this there is also a scanner or copier with a good resolution of 4800 dpi and can send the scanned or copied document to other devices or Email. It supports both letter and legal sized documents to scan or copy.

The device supports many OS versions like Windows 7, XP, Vista, Apple Mac iOS and Linux OS. The printing feature is equipped with the Ink Jet technology of HP with a good resolution and speed.

Performance :

The performance is impressive and the speed test proved it is the best all-in-one printer with a high speed printer, scanner and copier embedded inside it. The maximum copying speed is estimated up to 32 ppm for both mono and color copy. The maximum print speed is estimated to be about 35 ppm for both mono and color print and the fax can be done at a speed of 33.6 Kbps. The color saturation is maintained perfectly and the photo prints are good in terms of color balance and minimum blurring. On the whole it is one of the high speed all-in-one printers of the present trend.

Call Off :

HP Office Jet Pro 8600 plus is the best, fast, reliable all in one printer in the price range of $200 to $300. This plays a dual role both for house hold purpose and at the same time for business purpose. For the business use it is facilitated with extra features on extra charge that makes it more usable.

About: Thulasi Ram