How to Use 3D- View in Mozilla Firefox Browser

Most of Internet and Mozilla browser users might not tried 3D-view in their Mozilla browsers. Yes, you heard it right. Mozilla has a 3D-view feature using which a user can view the web-page in 3D- mode. Actually, 3D-mode is intended for developers but a normal user can also easily use the 3D-view.

How to Open 3D-View:

Right click in the Mozilla browser and select ‘Inspect Element’. There you can see the 3D-view option as shown in the screenshot below.

If you are unable to locate the above option then there might be a problem with your graphic card drivers. Update the graphic card drivers and then you can see the 3D-view option.

Uses of 3D-View:

There are few uses with the 3D-View but most of them are for developers. If there is any problem with HTML or improper nesting of content, then it can be easily find out using the 3D-View and can be fixed.

If there is any stray content then it can also be identified using this 3D-view.

You can rotate the web-page by clicking and dragging, so you can view the web-page in various angles.

How to control 3D-View:

Various shortcuts are available in the keyboard for 3D-view and also you can use mouse controls for controlling 3D-View.

Zoom in/out+ / –Scroll wheel up/down
Rotate left/righta / dMouse left/right
Rotate up/downw / sMouse up/down
Pan left/right← / →Mouse left/right
Pan up/down↑ / ↓Mouse up/down
Reset zoom level0Resets the zoom level to the default
Focus on selected nodefMakes sure the currently selected node is visible
Reset viewrResets zoom, rotation, and panning to the default
Hide current nodexMakes the currently selected node invisible; this can be helpful if you need to get at a node that’s obscured

So, explore the 3D-View by yourself and do comment us your experience.

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