How to Save and Retrieve the Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

As like any other browser Google chrome also avails the option for saving passwords to the browser. For some browsers a dialog box may occur below the address bar to save the password while you are logging into the site. The dialog box appears as below shown figure:

In case you don’t find any dialog box then you have follow a few number of steps to enable the dialog box.

To Save the Password :

To enable the dialog box for saving the password for the site follow the below process:

  • Click on the drop down menu present at the top right corner of the browser. Click on “settings” option where you will find a list of options for customization.
  • Then click on the link “show advanced settings” shown at the bottom where you will find further more options.
  • Under the category of “Passwords and Forms” check or tick mark the checkbox containing “offer to save passwords I enter on the web”.
  • Restart the browser for the changes to get applied to the browser.

To retrieve the saved passwords and adding exceptions for the sites :

Whenever you want to see the saved passwords and add exceptions for the sites just follow the process:

  •  If you want to see the saved passwords click on the “Manage saved passwords” link present beside the checkbox of “offer to save password I enter on the web”.
  •  Then a box appears with “saved passwords” select the link you need to find and click on “show” button.
  • If you want to hide the password simply click on the “hide” button.
  • Click on the “x” mark beside ‘show’ to delete the saved password.

Add the site to exception block :

Adding the site to exception block means to do show up the dialog box or never asks you to save password for the site.

  • Just click on the “Never for this site” button whenever a dialog box appears then the site gets automatically add to the exception block.

To delete the link from exception block :

If the site does not ask to save the password then go check on the exception block and remove the link from it.

  • Click on manage “saved passwords” link and a box appears as above that contains links in “Never saved” column.
  • Click on the “x” mark and click “done” as shown in the above figure.
  • Restart the browser for the changes to get applied to the browser.

This is the simple way to save and retrieve the saved passwords for the browser Google chrome.

About: Thulasi Ram