How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a masterpiece, like it or now, and if you have bought one, I am pretty sure that you would agree with this. The rooting process for this device has been created. It is a notion that Rooting your phone is done to boost the performance of your device. I don’t need to boost the performance of my already “blazing with power” device, you might say. But, rooting is not just meant for increasing the performance. It is also required for various other purposes; like for trying out your favourite roms, or mods from any other phone, or for using your favourite root phone.

So, if you decide to root your Samsung Galaxy S4, then proceed with the simple guide below. But before you do that, let me explain a few things. If you haven’t heard or don’t know about the term Rooting, rooting an android device allows you to access the system files on your android device which in turn unlocks loads of other awesome options like replacing all your system files to experience a new rom, upgrading to the latest android version before the latest official upgrade is made available to your device. The only down side of rooting your android device is that your manufacturer warranty is voided and big brands like Samsung, HTC and Sony do their very best to ensure that you don’t get another chance at rooting by unrooting your device later on by introducing things like Flash Counter and locking the bootloader. As Peter’s Uncle says, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. If you don’t follow the previous principle, then you are at another risk of damaging your device.

Before you proceed:

  • You must have installed clockworkmod recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S4 to proceed with this tutorial, as stock recovery doesn’t allow you to flash any unsigned zip, in our case, the superuser zip.
  • You understand all the risks involved and the fact that your warranty is gone once you root your device.
  • You won’t blame us or your neighbour, if you end up harming your device in any way, either during the process of following this guide or two weeks later.

The Holy steps to root Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • I am pretty sure that some of you skipped the previous section. Go back there and cocentrate on the first point. You must have clockworkmod recovery installed on your device to proceed ahead.
  • Power off your device. The shut down will be confirmed by a short vibration on your phone. Now, press Volume Up + Home + Power button to boot in to the just flashed clockworkmod recovery.
  • Using Volume Up and Down button to scroll up and down respectively, get to the Root your phone option.
  • Press the home button to confirm your selection.
  • Once the rooting process finishes, reboot your phone.
  • Confirm that you phone is rooted fine by installing root checker from play store.

This is all you needed to do in order to root your phone. Wasn’t it seemingly easy than the daunting term Rooting made it look? Just in case you couldn’t get anything to work as it should have, let us know by dropping a comment and we shall do our best to help you out.

About: Thulasi Ram