How to root HTC One V (GSM version) aka HTC Primo U

HTC One V is a low-end android smartphone that houses a 1 GHz single core processor and 512 megabytes of ram. That isn’t something that sounds too impressive in this time where Quad-cores and Octa-cores are becoming common. Add to that the pricing of the phone, 13k, makes it easy for buyers to ignore this option. If you own this phone and want to make the most out of it, you should consider rooting it. If you are not sure what Rooting is or whether you should root your android smartphone or not, stay with us as we unfold everything in this step by step guide to root HTC One V.

If you own a Windows PC, you must remember the Run as Administrator option that comes in the context menu when you right click an application. That option is meant to allow the application to modify the Windows files in a desired way. To unlock a similar power on Android, the device needs to be rooted first. In layman terms, rooting allows you to modify your system files in any way that you want. If you aren’t much of an explorer, you might not be able to do much even if you have rooted your phone but thanks to the presence of a large Android community, there are plethora of apps and mods waiting to help you out on your crusade to make your phone better.

The rooting process for your HTC One V, like other HTC phones, include unlocking the bootloader before proceeding with the rooting steps.

Before you Proceed:

  1. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings > Developer Options and ticking the USB debugging option.
  2. This rooting guide is meant only for the GSM version of the HTC One V aka the HTC Primo U.
  3. Charge your phone before you proceed with this guide.
  4. You will need a Windows PC.

Unlocking the bootloader of HTC One V:

  • Register an account at (You have to confirm your account by clicking a link that you receive in the confirmation email, so enter a valid email address when it asks you at the time of sign up)
  • Download and extract the files in a new folder in the drive in which you have installed Windows (generally C:/ ). For future convenience, name the folder unlockonev.
  • Log in to yout HTCdev account and proceed here. Select All other supported models, when it asks you for your device model as your device is not listed there.
  • Click Begin unlock Bootloader and accept their T&C to proceed.
  • A guide will show you the various steps you need to do in order to unlock your bootloader. Skip past all the steps to get to step #8.
  • Boot into your device’s HBOOT. To do so, first power off your phone. Then power on your phone while holding the Volume Down button.
  • Using Volume keys to scroll, get to the Fastboot option and select it using the Power button. You will enter the fastboot mode on your phone.
  • Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable. A few drivers will be installed automatically.
  • Open command prompt on your PC and give the command cd c:\unlockonev
  • Now, enter this command fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  • As described in step 9 on the guide displayed at HTC, copy the Identifier token and paste it in the box. When you submit the identifier token, an unlock code will be generated and emailed to you. Check your email and download that unlock code. (Make sure you check your junk/spam folder)
  • Move the Unlock_code.bin file you downloaded in the previous step to the unlockonev folder which contains your fastboot files.
  • Give this command fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  • Accept that you know what you are doing on your phone when it asks you to, and your phone will be having an unlocked bootloader.

Rooting HTC One V:

  • Download this zip file to your pc and extract it anywhere. Delete the boot.superboot.img file present in the extracted folder.
  • Download the unsecured (modded) boot.superboot.img file and paste it to the extracted folder (the folder you extracted in the step above).
  • Switch off your phone. While holding Volume down button, power it on and proceed to Fastboot mode (as described in the unlock bootloader guide above).
  • Connect your phone to the PC using usb cable.
  • Go to the extracted folder and double click the install-superboot-windows.bat file. After a reboot, enjoy your rooted phone.

The process explained above was pretty straight forward and if you had any prior experience of unlocking the bootloader of a HTC device, this must have been a cakewalk. If it wasn’t as easy for you and you find yourself stuck in the middle, drop us a comment and we shall lend you a helping hand.

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