How to make an outstanding resume on

In this article, we've explained how you can create an excellent resume using Hiredd's in-built resume maker within 5 minutes.

A resume might look like a simple piece of paper, but it sums up your talents and achievements as a professional to upscale your career opportunities. It acts as a marketing tool for branding yourself and your experiences as an individual, making you a potential candidate for contributing to a company’s success. 

Hiredd is India’s leading job and internship search platform that aims at providing fruitful employment opportunities to the job-seekers and improved recruitment experience for the employers. In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can create an exuberant resume using Hiredd’s Resume Builder.


Steps to Create an Apt Resume on Hiredd:

1. Click on ‘My Resume’

While going through the Hiredd’s platform, you’ll see a My Resume option its top bar. Click on My Resume from the top bar and get set to build the perfect resume for applying for jobs. Hiredd helps you simplify and amplify the resume making process altogether by providing you with a fundamental question and answer format, that creates your resume within 5 minutes. 


2. Answer Six Questions

Now, this is where the resume-building process gets comprehensive. Hiredd’s Resume Builder will provide you with a complete set of 6 questions that will form the content that would be included in your resume. The questions that need to be answered while creating your resume on Hiredd are:

  • How long have you been working?
  • How do you want employers to contact you?
  • Draft your career objective
  • What is your previous work experience
  • What are your professional skills?
  • What are your educational qualifications?


3. Your Resume is ready!

Once you’ve completed all the steps given above, our resume will be created and would be ready to use for applying to internships and jobs across the platform. You can also download your resume in PDF format by clicking on the ‘Download Resume‘ button available in the ‘My Resume’ tab.


Pro-tip to keep in mind

A career objective is the most significant statement that determines and serves as your resume’s tagline. Ensure that your Career Objective has been written professionally after researching about the right way to write one as it forms your first impression in front of an employer. 

Creating a resume using Hiredd’s in-built Resume Builder not only saves time in creating a resume but also helps in creating a permanent resume copy that you can use and edit for future uses. 

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Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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