How to learn in a startup during your Internship? Pro Tips

In this article, we'll be discussing how you can convert your internship at a startup into a revolutionary learning experience for rapid growth in your career.

Internships mark like a period of training or work experience that is offered by an organization that assists a student in gaining practical experience while understanding the functioning of a workplace through in-office presence.

Often students are devoted towards achieving internships at the top companies in India like Amazon, Flipkart, Delloitte, etc. However, most individuals miss out on the professional growth one is able to gain at startup.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing how working at a startup can help you achieve faster career and professional growth because of the intense responsibilities delegated towards interns working for a startup, who are treated as important as any of their employees.

Note: India is one of the largest startup hubs in the world, with over 8,900 tech startups under Startup India, according to reports. (1)


Pro Tips on How to Learn in a Startup During Your Internship

While commencing your journey as an intern at a startup, you can use the pro tips given below to make your internship a rollercoaster for learning and enhancing every possible professional skill in yourstory


1. Be Attentive

Startups are usually very fast-paced where each person and each department has deadlines to meet, ensuring maximum productivity helping in the growth of the startup. 

Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive towards the little details being discussed during the meeting so that you can give in your input about the same. 


2. Expand Creativity

Letsintern at a startup, especially as freshers or college students, as it helps immensely in developing fresh pitch ideas for the firm through an intern’s fresh approach. 

Expand your creativity through group projects and enter an arena of a newer, better you. While working at a startup, the productive environment leaves a positive impact on you, helping you unleash your potential as a professional.


3. Network

Startups help you meet highly efficient individuals hailing from different fields who not only teach and train you for your current role but also act as references for your upcoming career aspects in the future. 

Keep in mind that startups are the only organizations that might allow you to deal with client-to-client interaction, helping you enhance your business communication skills practically.


4. Learn Something New

As an intern at a startup, you become part of an internshala, which helps you learn new skills and facts about your field and, in turn, grows your mental caliber, which helps in your career growth. 

It is necessary to try something and learn something new until you feel comfortable doing it to enter the growth zone in your life.



Never lose an opportunity to intern at a startup. By making use of the pro tips given above, you can take a big leap in your career by achieving a career growth target set for two years, within 6 months of working as an intern. While working at a reputed firm adds a star to your resume, working at a startup enables you to express your skills in an interview where you do the talking, while the resume stays still on the table. 

Saumya Uniyal
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