How to install Clockworkmod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note II N-7100

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Samsung Galaxy Note II users can now install clockworkmod recovery on their beasty Galaxy Note II. It must be noted that installing a custom recovery such as clockworkmod lets its users to take full nandroid backup of their device, which can be restored later on in case he is stuck in a bootloop or something. Clockworkmod recovery is known not only for its backup capabilities but also for the ease with which it can flash third party zips, like custom roms and mods.

As you must be already aware, flashing anything to your device is a risky process, and as you own a Samsung device, it will also cause the Flash Counter to bump. Samsung uses Flash Counter to track whether the user has flashed any third party stuff. This counter can be fooled by TriangleAway, a masterpiece developed by renowned XDA developer Chainfire.

Before You Proceed:

  • If you don’t have experience with such flashing processes, you might prefer calling over a geeky tech friend than rendering your device useless.
  • Your phone should be charged to at least 50% so that it doesn’t drain out during the process, something which you won’t want to happen.
  • By proceeding with this guide, you are at your own risk. You can neither blame us nor the recovery developers/anyone else.

Guide to Flash CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note II:

  1. Enable USB Debugging on your device by going to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.
  2. Install drivers for your device.
  3. Download and extract ODIN. It is required to flash stuffs to your device.
  4. Download the clockworkmod recovery for your device. It is present in .tar format, you are not supposed to extract it.
  5. Open Odin.exe and press the PDA button. Locate the clockworkmod recovery .tar file.
  6. Switch off your phone. Then, press Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously till the warning message appears. Press Volume Up button to continue to the downloading mode.
  7. Connect your phone to the PC now. Press the start button in Odin once Odin detects that your phone has been connected.
  8. Once the flashing completes, reboot your phone.
  9. Switch it off again. Press Volume Up + Home + Power button to boot into recovery mode.

You have successfully flashed clockworkmod recovery on your device. Now, you should take a clockworkmod backup of your device’s stock rom before you go on trying the various mods and roms available on your device.

In case you are stuck with any of the steps, your comments are more than awaited below.

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