How to install Clockworkmod recovery on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160 was the successor to the popular Samsung Galaxy Ace. As we all know, every popular device, especially from big brands like Samsung and HTC attract a lot of android developers. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 can be rooted, has a clockworkmod recovery and can be updated to the latest Android Jelly Bean. We shall be covering all three of these topics very soon here on

If some of the technical terms used above went well over your head, you don’t need to worry because we will detail even the finest steps involved. In this article, we shall describe you how you can install clockworkmod recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Actually this is the first step in the ladder to get to rooting your phone and then to flash custom rom on it.

Talking about clockworkmod recovery, it is a recovery that is 1000x times better than the stock recovery that comes on your, or for a matter of fact, any android device. A stock recovery is present on a device so that the device can be factory reset or an official update can be flashed over it. Clockworkmod recovery brings some other nice options on the table like backing up and restoring the whole android device, the ability to flash unsigned and unofficial zip files, wiping dalvik cache, partitioning the sd card, and in our case, rooting the device too!

Before you proceed with this guide:

  • No one (neither techlauncher , nor the developers) owe any responsibility for the damage that can potentially occur to your device during following the steps mentioned below.
  • This guide is supposed to work only on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 with the model number GT0-S7500. Make sure that your phone has the exact model number by going to Settings > About Device. Proceed only if the device model mentioned there matches with what we’ve told.
  • Make sure that you have charged your device to a safe level because if the device runs out of battery, you could in untested waters.
  • Once you root your device or flash a third party software (like CWM) will void your Manufacturer warranty. You may or may not be able to regain warranty once you unroot your device.


  • A Windows laptop or PC (preferably windows 7, xp or windows 8)
  • A Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160
  • USB Cable
  • Internet connectivity

Installing Clockworkmod Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Ace 2:

  • Go to Settings, then Application, then Development and finally tick the check bar against USB Debugging to turn it on. USB Debugging is required to let the pc talk to your device.
  • Download Odin on your PC. Odin is the software that will talk to your device via your pc and flash the clockworkmod recovery image on your Ace 2.
  • Download Clockworkmod Recovery for your Ace 2. This file is specific to your phone and don’t use any other file to flash.
  • Download and install Samsung USB Drivers for your device.
  • Power off your Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.
  • Power it On while holding the Volume down and power key together. This will boot you in to the downloading mode.
  • Press Volume up to bypass the warning message that must have appeared on your phone’s screen now.
  • Extract the Odin tool and install it on your computer.
  • Open the Odin tool. Click the PDA button in there.
  • Connect your phone to the PC. A yellow ID:COM box will indicate that your pc and odin have successfully detected the connection of your device.
  • This will open up a window asking you the location of the file you want to flash. In our case, it is the clockworkmod recovery image file. So, locate the cwm file you downloaded in step 3 in .tar format. You don’t have to extract the clockworkmod recovery any further.
  • Once the clockworkmod file is located by Odin, hit the Start button.
  • Reboot the device.

Optionally, once you have flashed the clockworkmod recovery, boot into it by pressing Volume Down+Power+Home button. In there, go to Backup and Restore and then Backup. Please note that in CWM, Volume keys are used for scrolling and Power key acts as select button. Enjoy flashing any zip you want with your just installed clockworkmod recovery. If you are stuck in a bootloop at any time, restore the backup you just made. Share your views in the comments section.

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