How to flash clockworkmod recovery on your Sony Xperia Tipo ST12i

Clockworkmod recovery is one of the best third party recoveries out there. If everything goes normally and you follow the steps given in the guide below exactly as stated, we promise you will end up with a nice and useful clockworkmod recovery on your Sony Xperia Tipo.

The fact that you have decided to install clockworkmod recovery on your Tipo proves that you know what cwm or clockworkmod recovery is. In case you don’t, it is my moral duty to increase your knowledge. A recovery, as the name suggests, allows the user to recovery from unwanted situations. The stock recovery of any device doesn’t allow users to flash third party zip files. On the other hand, clockworkmod recovery introduces people to the world of custom roms and mods with its ability to flash third party zip with ease.

Things you need to know/do before you proceed with the guide:

  • You must have rooted your Tipo.
  • Once you have installed Clockworkmod recovery on your Tipo, you can update it to Jelly Bean with this easy process.
  • As you have already rooted your device, you have voided the manufacturer warranty of your device.
  • Enable USB Debugging from Settings > Developer Options before proceeding with this guide.

Steps to install clockworkmod recovery on Sony Tipo:

  • Did you root your Tipo? I mentioned that in the pre-requisites sectiopn above, go ahead and do it now in case you skipped the previous paragraph.
  • Download clockworkmod recovery for your device from this xda thread. The same thread contains links for other Sony devices too, make sure that you download the one specific to yours. The download link is present at the end of the first post there, under attachments.
  • Connect your phone to the PC/laptop. In case you are using the same PC which you used to root your device, you don’t need to do anything more in this step. Otherwise, install drivers for your device again using pdanet.
  • Extract the clocworkmod recovery file you downloaded in step 2. From the extracted folder, run the Install.bat batch file.
  • The script in the install.bat will automatically install the recovery on your device.
  • When done, disconnect your device and try flashing any third party zip available for your phone. Use google to find some useful ones on xda.

Whenever you need to boot in your newly flashed clockworkmod recovery, you can do so by first switching off your phone and then powering it on. When the Sony logo appears on your screen and before the boot animation starts, press Volume Down button repeatedly till you get to the recovery screen.

If you had successfully rooted your device using our earlier guide, you must not have faced any big trouble in getting this step done. Make sure that you utilize your clockworkmod recovery to flash your phone to Android 4.1 using cyanogen mod rom. Don’t blush in asking for any help, if you need to, about any of the steps listed above

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