How to flash Clockworkmod Recovery on HTC One V (GSM) aka Primo U

Clockworkmod recovery is a necessary part of every Android tweaker’s toolkit. If you are serious about tweaking your Android device, you would be already having a clockworkmod recovery flashed on your device. If you have a HTC One V and haven’t yet flashed the CWM recovery, this guide will help you do just that, and that too in a simplified manner.

First off, what is a recovery? A recovery is a special partition on Android device which can be accessed even if your other partitions aren’t working. For instance, if your phone isn’t booting up after you messed up with one of the system files, you can access the recovery to flash your device’s firmware and start all over again. A clockworkmod recovery on the other hand is a third party recovery (or custom recovery) that has many more features and options to make our lives easier than the normal stock recovery that comes pre-installed on all Android devices. Most users don’t ever go to their device’s recovery mode but if we want to get the most out of every device, we shall surely need a custom recovery. As compared to the stock recovery, the clockworkmod recovery comes with a lot of handy features like take and restore a nandroid backup, wipe dalvik cache, partition your sd card, wipe your battery stats and a handful of other features.

If you are done with the introduction and want to flash clockworkmod recovery on your HTC One V, then make sure you read all the sections and the steps thereafter, carefully.

Before you proceed:

  • Make sure that you have rooted your phone using this guide. During this process, you will also unlock your device’s bootloader.
  • Following the previous step or anything else given on this page will most probably void your manufacturer warranty.
  • Proceed ahead only if you understand the risks.
  • Techlauncher or the developers can’t be held responsible for any damage that might be caused to your HTC One V.
  • This guide is strictly meant for the GSM version of One V which is sold somewhere as Primo U. This guide won’t work on any other model and trying to use it can potentially brick your phone.
  • Give your phone a good long charge before starting off with this guide.

Flashing Clockworkmod Recovery on HTC One V (GSM)/ Primo U:

  1. Download Clockworkmod Recoveyr v5.8.4.5 for HTC One V from here.
  2. Switch off your phone. Press Volume Down + Power button till your phone boots up in to HBOOT.
  3. Scroll up and down using volume keys and use Power button to select in the mode you are currently present in. Using these buttons, select the Fastboot option.
  4. When in the fastboot option, connect your phone to the PC using USB cable.
  5. If you had used our rooting tutorial, you must be having fastboot files in a folder named unlockonev. If you already had a rooted HTC One V, download the fastboot zip file and extract it to a folder named unlockonev in your C:\ drive. Make sure that the files are directly in C:\unlockonev and not in C:\unlockonev/fastboot.
  6. Run Command Prompt and give the command cd C:\unlockonev
  7. Copy the cwm recovery you downloaded in step 1 to the unlockonev folder.
  8. Back in the Command Prompt, give the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img followed by fastboot reboot.
  9. Boot in to HBOOT again by pressing Power Up + Volume down when your phone is switched off. Go to the recovery option using the appropriate keys and see if you can spot the options viz. Advanced, Install zip from sd card, Backup & Restore etc. This will confrim that the CWM recovery has been successfully installed to your phone.

Once you have installed clockworkmod recovery on your device, the first thing you should do is take a nandroid backup so that your phone stay safe no matter what you do to your phone. To take a nadnroid backup:

  • Boot into your cwm recovery as explained in step 9 of the guide above.
  • Select the Backup and Restore option and finally select the Backup option.
  • A backup process will be started which will take 5-10 minutes. Make sure your sd card has enough free storage. The backup would require about 600-700 MB space.

Let us know in case you face any problem.

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