How to find whether your PC is Compatible for Windows 8

Windows 8 being one of the latest Operating system we may look forward to upgrade our PC’s, Laptops or note book with the new Operating system. The step we need to find is whether our system is compatible for Windows 8 OS or not.

As Microsoft announced about the end of Windows XP updates many users want to upgrade their operating system. For this the step involved is to find the compatibility of your system.

The following process defines the way for finding the compatibility for Windows 8 of your PC :

  • If you want to check whether your system meets the requirements for Windows 8 OS you need an Upgrade Assistance tool. This can be downloaded from Microsoft website.
  • You can download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistance from the following link which is a free tool (Upgrade to Windows 8)
  • The Upgrade Assistance tool can also be purchased from the stores or dealers if you do not wish to download from website.
  • After downloading the tool you can save it and then double-click on the tool to run it for finding the requirements.
  • Then an installation process gets started that include a series of steps and completes in few minutes.
  • Then launch the tool to scan all the apps, hardware and drivers of your system to find the compatibility.
  • It displays all the compatibility details that shows which are compatible and which are not compatible. This can be seen by clicking on the link “See compatibility details”.
  • The compatibility details appears as shown below that comprises of the items that are compatible and the items that need to be updated or re installed in the review section that is under “For you to review”.
  • Some apps or some products may not be displayed this due to the Upgrade assistance tool could not find information regarding the product.
  • It also checks the external drives like printers, scanners or any other external device compatibility. So, it is mandatory to turn on all the external devices before starting the Upgrade Assistance process.
  • After the generation of compatibility report you can continue the process if you wish to upgrade the OS to Windows 8.
  • The process may include keeping the files, apps and settings in your new OS. For the Windows 7 and Vista you can keep apps, files and Window settings alive for your new OS. For Windows XP there is only one possibility for keeping the personal files for the particular drive.
  • The files or any apps situated in other locations or drive may not require any change other that files and apps of default location.
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