How to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Here, in this article, we've discussed two methods that you can use to create Gmail account without phone number. However, any misuse of your Gmail account will result in a restricted account.

Earlier, Google allowed you to create Gmail account without phone number, which, however, has been changed now due to increased security reasons. Sometimes, we need to create a Gmail account without phone number for several reasons.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to create Gmail account without phone number verification and the methods you can use to create one.

Note: Using these methods for spam-related or felonious activities will result in your account being restricted by Google.

How to create Gmail account without phone number

There are multiple ways in which you can create Gmail new account without verification. Some of them involve using duping software that provides a mobile number that doesn’t belong to you, and other methods feed you age under 15 years so that Google assumes you’re underage and don’t have a phone. 


METHOD 1 – Follow these 13 steps to create Gmail account without phone number:

Follow these steps on your Android or iOS device- phone or tablet,

  1. Go to device Settings
  2. Select the Accounts option
  3. Tap the Add Account option
  4. Select Google from the list of e-mail providers
  5. Click on Create Account or Gmail SignUp
  6. Enter your personal details like name, date of birth, gender, etc. and click Next
  7. Create a Gmail address
  8. Google will prompt if you want to add a phone number
  9. Tap skip
  10. Review your Account Info
  11. Tap Next
  12. Accept Terms of Service
  13. Your account has been created

Congratulations! You’ve created your Gmail account without having a phone number. However, ensure that you enter a recovery email address for email related troubles. 


METHOD 2 – Follow these steps to create Gmail account without phone number:

Follow this alternative method to create Gmail account without phone number in which Google would assume you don’t own a phone being younger than 15 years,

  1. Open Gmail on your browser
  2. Click on Create Account or Gmail SignUp option
  3. Select ‘For Myself’ or ‘For Business’
  4. Enter personal details like name, gender, etc. & click Next
  5. Set your Date of Birth under 15 years before the present year.
  6. Skip the Mobile Phone Number box
  7. Agree to Terms & Conditions
  8. your account has been created

Note: Try using another browser and log out from all the Gmail ids before creating your account.

Add a recovery email id as a security option other than security questions to help you recover your email when required. Congratulations! Your Gmail account has been created without a phone number. However, remember your ‘fake’ date of birth for security purposes. We hope we were able to provide you with the perfect solution to your Gmail problems. 

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