How to be academically equipped in COVID-19

With much of the world in a stay-at-home order, you may wonder what academic things to do during the quarantine period. Luckily, you can stay on top of your plans for work, education, and college.

Academic things to do in quarantine

1. Write your college essays

The writing of essays is part of the college application process. Depending upon how many schools you apply for, this can be a fair bit of work. Now is the perfect time to start preparing and reading. You should review the applications to see if the colleges have a particular question or subject you ‘d like to write about, or you can start brainstorming ideas if they don’t send you a clear direction.

Consider giving the essay to someone you trust and ask them to read it over when you’re done. It could be a parent, a friend, a counselor, or a teacher. Their input will send you instructions for the future and help you weed out any grammatical or spelling errors.


2. Study for exams

Currently, tests are either suspended or canceled in the wake of coronavirus. Many colleges have said that they will not be required for the fall semester of 2020. However, if you are currently working on your applications, you are probably not going to college this fall, so the test may be required next year or even in the spring.

Now is a great time to work out a study schedule for AMCAT you are going to take. Download and print practice tests, consider them, and check how well you were doing. This will give you guidance on where to research further. 


3. Take Online Classes

Most likely, your high school is currently offering online classes. If you want to complete your schooling, believe it’s not enough, or want to explore other opportunities and topics, there are many tools available online.

  • Khan Academy has a variety of tools with subjects such as chemistry, physics, English, computer programming, electrical engineering, grammar, AP support, SAT training, and more.
  • Coursera will offer many free courses open to all before the end of May 2020. Most of them will also get a free certificate if you complete the class.


4. Apply for remote work

If you’re considering a remote internship on top of school or another job, you’ll be glad to learn how easy it would be to balance your schedule. Virtual jobs are innately time-flexible. You should expect to do much of your research during the school year after classes end, or as part of your allotted assignment period. You can quickly get to it after your usual hours of work if you already have a full or part-time Work India job.



These concepts should provide you with plenty of ideas about what academic things to do in the quarantine. Make sure you don’t burn up either, you do want to take time to relax.

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