How to Add Link to Instagram Post?

The new Instagram policies and guidelines allow its users to add links to their Instagram posts and stories. Here are the methods you can follow on how to add link to Instagram post & stories.

With new social media platforms coming forth every other day, we’re losing our grip on excelling at all the features of the established ones. 

Instagram (1), Snapchat (2), and Facebook (3) are some of the popular social media platforms filled with n number of features that seldom fully discovered by its regular users.

Social media marketing (4) has taken over the orthodox marketing methods and has given birth to a brand new social media marketing industry. Have you ever noticed brands and influencers link their products and services on their Instagram and wondered how they’re able to do the same? 

Note: Earlier, only verified accounts had the option of adding links to their Instagram stories, which, however, is not the case now.


How to Add Link to Instagram Story:


  • Your Instagram handle must have over 10,000 followers
  • Your Instagram handle must be a Business Profile

How to Add Link to Instagram Post


Method 1: How to Add Link to Instagram Story:

Once you fulfill the conditions required for adding a link to your Instagram story follow the steps given below,

  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Click on add story option
  • Take a picture or record a video or swipe up to upload a predesigned media
  • Select the filter of your choice by swiping left & right
  • On the top, you’ll see a chain link icon
  • Click on the link icon
  • Click on the add URL option
  • Enter the link to be added
  • Click on done
  • Share your story
  • Your viewers will be able to visit the added link by swiping up on your story


Method 2: How to Add Link to Instagram Story – Alternative

If you have followers under the 10k required count of Instagram, you can still make use of clever tricks to direct a consumer towards the link.

Follow these steps,

  • Create a smart, artsy design for your Instagram story
  • Swipe and add the picture on your Instagram story
  • Swipe up and use the @mention sticker to add the link to the profile
  • Shrink it down to an invisible yet clickable size
  • Add bold labels and arrows pointing towards the @mention and ask followers to click at the spot to view a specific product/service/profile
  • Your viewers will be able to visit the profile by clicking on your story 


How to Add Link to Instagram Post:

Unlike Instagram stories, adding a link to your Instagram posts doesn’t require any minimum follower count. It, however, requires you to have a public Business profile. 


  • Your Instagram handle must be public Business profile

public Business profile


Method 1: How to Add Link to Instagram Post – Paid

As mentioned above, adding a link to your Instagram post might not depend on your followers, but it does come at a price, literally!

Follow these steps to add a product or website link to your Instagram post:

  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Add the Instagram post as usual
  • Once you’ve added the post to your Instagram, you’ll see a Promote option below your post’s picture
  • Click on the blue promote button
  • You’ll be redirected to your Facebook page
  • Fill in the promotion requirements like Destination, Audience, Budget 
  • Add the link on the Action Button
  • Click on Create Promotion


Once your promotion request is approved, the audience will be able to visit your website by clicking on the action button below the post. Additionally, you’ll be able to gather a more massive fanbase by advertising.


Method 2: How to Add Link to Instagram Post – Free

Don’t want to pay to add a link to your Instagram post? We understand, follow this alternative way of leading people to your website via instructions.

Various artists and Instagrammers use this method to direct their visitors to the desired link. 

Follow these steps to add a link to your Instagram post,

  • Select the photo/video to be added to the Instagram post
  • Add the caption and guide your followers to visit the ‘Link in bio’ to visit your website
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on Edit profile option
  • Under the website head, add the desired link
  • Click on done

This might be an unconventional method of directing followers to visit your site, but it’s used successfully by thousands of Instagrammers. 


Currently, these are the only methods you can use to add links to Instagram posts and stories. Still, hopefully, Instagram will find out some more straightforward ways that will enable us to add links directly to our Instagram posts. 

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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