How this trio is reforming the conventional branding game with their startup- 1Brand

Tela, Erica, and Sam are facilitating branding with their startup 1Brand that focusses on building exceptional branding techniques with their AI platform.

Tela Andrews, the co-founder of 1Brand, has built websites and software for years. While looking to use a logo for a partner, a customer, or a technology to be used, it consumed a lot of time in searching for assets, often resulting in sourcing their logo from a third party site. 


How was 1Brand formed?

Tela Andrews
Tela Andrews

Tela faced the same issue several times while being involved in a number of branding and rebranding projects over the years. Branding projects were always hard to operationalize, which often resulted in a tremendous amount of value lost in a business where branding drives high value to a business.

PDF files were a great way of giving designers creative control for building beautiful and inspirable deliverables but can often serve as an inefficient if one needs information and data in other formats. 

With an aim to become the one-stop solution for all the branding faults, Tela created the 1Brand platform along with his co-founders Erica McGillivray and Sam Weber. 


A Brand Facilitating Branding

1Brand is software that builds beautiful, hosted, brand guidelines in minutes that can be used by small businesses for free, and even by agencies for their clients. 1Brand is the perfect tool for making brand management and brand communication an easy task. 

For brand management, the 1Brand platform gives you a central source of truth for your brand assets, making it easy to store your brand colors, fonts, and logos. It allows you to add as many teammates as you’d like to help manage your brand, making it easy to keep updated via 1Brand’s interface, hence, preventing brand decay. For brand communication, 1Brand helps create exceptional customizable brand guidelines with just a few clicks. Its hosted brand guidelines are a page you can click to, or even embed in your website or internal portal. 


Standing as a Distinct Branding Platform

Creating a brand guideline in a PDF can be an expensive project that can cost you a minimum of $30k when hiring an agency.

1Brand serves as a distinct branding platform that offers a beautiful brand guideline, making it easy to share your visual brand assets by using AI and automation to collect your brand assets in creating a completed brand guideline for yourself within a few minutes. 

Additionally, it provides an entirely free product for its users with a free 14 day trial for its paid Pro tier. 

On being asked about the changes in the branding industry, Tela told TechLauncher, “I’ve been thinking about the brand marketing problem for ten years before beginning work on 1Brand, and none of the core problems have been solved. Brand fragmentation is still a problem, and nobody is making it easier at-scale. There is some progress being made with making brand creation easier, such as AI-driven logo creation and color palettes. But, once the brand is created, there’s been little progress on making brand management easier.”


Unfolding 1Brand with Cofounders


Tela, Erica, and Sam, earlier, worked at Moz, an SEO software company in Seattle. As a team, the trio cared about culture and core values and wanted to build a company that made an impact on a considerable scale. 1Brand is the trio’s first project of their laboratory company, Permanence Labs. 


Permanence Labs was founded to solve evergreen problems that lead to an enduring human civilization. The trio believes that branding is one of the evergreen problems that can have a positive impact on a massive number of small businesses, governments, non-profits, and schools.


Personal Growth through 1Brand

“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have been building the skills and network that I’d need to be successful,”

says Tela.

Building 1Brand acted as a catalyst helping Tela discover his potential. Be it recruiting a team of leaders on a tight, bootstrapped, or the budget, every step has served as a tremendous learning experience. 


Tela’s Advice for Aspiring Brand Marketers

Brand strategy and thoughtful design are some of the most valuable investments a brand can make. Take an instance of the famous beverage brand Coca-Cola 75% of whose business value comes from its brand. 

He told TechLauncher,

“New tools are needed to operationalize and get full value from that branding work. In-house marketers can get more value from their own brand by using a hosted brand management solution. Agencies can have the same impact on more brands by choosing dynamic brand guideline software that makes their practices more efficient and provides more client value.”

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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