How this Russian trio is aiding software developers with his efficient API tool TestMace

Alexander Isaev and his team of 7 has developed an automated API testing solution to help eliminate the manual work put into testing via TestMace.

Alexander Isaev noticed that the people involved in software development were obliged to run a series of same routine tasks day by day. They had to perform regression testing and consequently test all features of the developed application once again to ensure its proper working. 


Unloading the burden with TestMace

To unload the burden off the shoulders of these developers and QA engineers, Alexander thought of developing a powerful automated API testing tool. Alexander & his team, keeping in mind that teamwork plays a vital role in forming a successful development process, designed TestMace to facilitate a more accessible way to work, from a junior QA engineer to an experienced developer.


What is TestMace?

TestMace, founded by Alexander, Dmitriy & Mikhail, is an API testing solution for software developers and QA engineers. It is an advanced REST client that allows its users to create complex scenarios without actual programming. 

Alexander, while talking to TechLauncher about the trio’s journey, said,

“Being cofounders of TestMace, we are professional software developers ourselves. In our line of work, we used to experience some API testing issues, yet having had lots of ideas on simplifying the process, a nice and devoted team, and a desire to create a product of our own.”

Challenges faced initially

Initially, the main challenge, being a startup, that trio and their team had to face was promoting their product. They had to create product awareness in the market where they had no clue on how to develop their business. Starting from scratch, they learned all the business techniques and successfully promoted their product – TestMace. 


The team before TestMace

TestMace comprises of a team of 7 people thriving to give their best individually and as a team towards making TestMace the core strength of the project. The set of individuals in TestMace have known each other for years via university and International competitions like ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest). The team of TestMace had had several successful projects for big international companies prior to working for TestMace.


Emerging from zero to hero

The company that had their baby steps back then has emerged to become a competitive tool in the market. TestMace was launched as a completely free product but has now, seeing the interest from the community, launched a paid professional version of API testing product.

“Going from a first prototype to a competitive tool, we have been receiving some offers, but we’ve decided to decline them and continue developing the product on our own,”

says Alexander.

TestMace is currently in talks to raise a $5 million funding in the first half of 2020. The team at TestMace is focussed on building and developing their product for customer satisfaction and looks forward to pitching in great ideas for the project soon. 

Check out TestMace here.

Saumya Uniyal
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