How remote jobs are gaining popularity amid the COVID19 crisis

The popularity of virtual jobs had been escalating over the past few years. But COVID-19 has given a significant boom to the remote jobs in India.

Some of the popular Remote Jobs fields

1. Graphic Designer

Many companies require someone to create their logos, websites, or visual advertisements. You can get a comfortable salary every year (reportedly $45,000 and above) if you have a diploma or certification in this field. The better you are, the more customers you will probably get through word of mouth.


2. Consulting

If you have knowledge and experience in a particular area, consider sharing it with other people. You can, for example, advise small businesses for a small fee if you are an accountant or a lawyer. You can also consult companies about how to use or make them more environmentally friendly with a new software program. 


3. Social Media Manager

Many organizations need somebody to manage their social media accounts, and some even want a social media strategy to be developed completely. Social Media Managers play an essential role in the popularity and fame of an organization. They mainly help an organization in boosting sales.


4. Become an Expert

Today, people go online to find experts on things they struggle with. A growing trend is to hire a professional than to employ a big corporation to solve problems. You can become an expert in part time jobs in a field in which you have gained a degree or certificate. Expert jobs help to earn a lot of money and are a trendy job among remote jobs.


5. Virtual Recruiter

This is quite the same position as a recruiter in-house except and where ever you want to be able to work. The other main difference is that you search for the right job on the web to find the right employee. You also have to screen the applicant and participate in the interview and negotiation process. Some employees are paid $125 per hour for the construction of resume templates.


6. Affiliate Marketer

For those unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it’s merely a product advertisement where you get a commission. Let’s presume you’ve got a website and you’ve got a book on Amazon. If the user clicks on the partner button and buys a book, Amazon will share the transaction. People enjoy affiliate marketing because they can start making money passively at a low start-up rate.


7. Blogging

It’s cheap and quick to start blogging. It may be as easy as writing about your favorite music or food, and gradually you will begin to making revenue from your blog. Just remember that when it comes to cashing into your work from home jobs blog, you have to be patient. If this is something you want to pursue, it could prove to be a very successful career.



There was a time when people/employees working from home was a distant vision, but lately, there has been a flood in employment you can perform from home.

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