How is India & Indian companies reacting to COVID19?

Recently, Covid 19 was declared a pandemic by WHO. This has raised alarms around the globe as the newly discovered virus has no vaccine or proper treatment. We analyze how India is reacting to this situation.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Covid 19?
  3. Effects of Covid-19 worldwide
  4. India and Covid 19
  5. Effects on Indian economy 



Recently, Covid 19 was declared a pandemic by WHO. This has raised alarms around the globe as the newly discovered virus has no vaccine or proper treatment. Scientists worldwide are working day and night to develop a vaccine that could stop the spreading of this pandemic. Economies worldwide are going through a downfall. The Sensex has fallen 2000 points. Amidst all this, we need to understand how India is reacting under all this. In this article, we are going to talk about how India is dealing with Covid 19. 


What is Covid 19?

Coronavirus is a virus that was first identified in Wuhan China and is spreading around the globe. The Coronavirus is a family of viruses that causes respiratory diseases by attacking the lungs. The early symptoms of the disease are sore throat, fever, body, and headache, shortness of breath, dry cough. The virus can spread by human contact. The symptoms take 2-14 days to show. 


Some of the prevention techniques to stop the spread of this disease is:

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds 
  2. Do not touch eyes, nose, and mouth if hands are unclean
  3. Avoid massive gatherings
  4. Clean the frequently touched surfaces
  5. If you doubt your symptoms contact a doctor
  6. If you are a student, avoid contact with someone who is showing mild signs of Corona.
  7. If you are working, make sure your workspace is clean and efficient. Wework offers some of the best open hygienic workspaces.


Effects of COVID 19 worldwide

COVID 19 has spread like wildfire in a dry forest. First detected in Wuhan city of China, more than 100 countries have identified cases of Coronavirus in the past few months. More than 1 lakh cases have been identified worldwide, and more than 4000 confirmed deaths, around 60000 people have recovered from the illness. 

COVID 19 has slowed down the economy of many countries. Businesses are down, schools, colleges, workplaces all are being canceled. The office spaces are now empty as the government and companies are supporting work for home amid this pandemic. Italy is in a total lockdown, USA president Donald Trump has declared it an emergency in the country. The most affected places are China, Japan, Italy, and South Korea. 

All the major tech events, concerts, meetings, and summits have been canceled in the few of Coronavirus. Movies are being delayed, and some governments have restricted public gatherings. 

There are huge lines in the store for food and daily supplies; people are stocking up everything for the future. Sales of sanitizers have increased tenfold

Chinese businesses have hit rock bottom. People are afraid to interact with Chinese people. Citizens are avoiding Chinese foods, thus making it hard for Asian people to earn a livelihood.


India and COVID 19

India reported its first coronavirus case on 30 Jan in Kerala. Since then, there have been 83 detected cases, with two deaths confirmed. Ten people have been cured until now. 

The Indian government is containing the situation commendably. Laboratories and quarantine places have been built for the future. All the passengers are being screened at the airport. 

Schools and colleges have been closed in some places. Internships and jobs are given work from home to contain the spreading of this contagious disease. Indian companies have placed sanitizers in all their offices and common areas. People are more aware of personal hygiene.

NGOs in Mumbai, Delhi, and various metro cities are working to keep the situation under control. The government has provided a helpline number, a website and daily reports are provided to keep the citizens updated. 


Effects on Indian Economy

India’s economy has been affected by the Coronavirus. The economy is going to slow down, and an expected 384 million dollars of trade will be impacted. India will be in the top 15 economies affected by this pandemic. This outbreak will result in a 50 billion dollar decrease in the global market. 

Although there is a surge in the sanitizer and disinfectant market, medical stores are filled with requests for masks and sanitizers. The pharmaceutical industry is benefitting from the pandemic crisis. Now the question left is, have you bought your sanitizer yet?

Shreya Krishnatray
Shreya Krishnatray
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