Hiredd.com & Internshala: Top 2 Platforms to Find Internships in India

Internshala and Hiredd.com have assisted in providing a great platform for students to find internship opportunities, ranging from media, marketing, IT, etc. industries within a few clicks on their screens.

Internships have been providing students with the privilege of choosing their field of interest via temporary work experience at companies of their choice. By interning, you gain clarity in building the right career choices for yourself at a young age, helping narrow down your stream over time. Internship search portals like Hiredd.com and Internshala are some platforms assisting students in finding the right internship.

Some of the top industries functioning exceptionally well within the boundaries of India are Information Technology, bank, Petrochemical, cement, textile, and much more. While these industries or sectors have played a major role in generating employment for the citizens of India, some acted as the backbone to them like Media and PR. 


Why Find Internships Online at Hiredd.com and Internshala

We are a part of the digital revolution, which has given rise to a solution to all of our problems online. Here’s why you should find internships online,


1. Easy to use


Online internship platforms like Hiredd.com (1) and Internshala are easy-to-use and provide its users with the option to gain access to thousands of internship opportunities on his/her screen in a few clicks.


2. Filter internship preferences

Hiredd.com and Internshala (2) allow students to filter out their internship search preferences by adding filters on the desired location, internship type, internship role, industry, company type preferences, etc. and review results in a click.


3. Use advanced search tools

The two leading internship platforms, Hiredd.com and Intershala, provides its users with advanced search tools, enabling one-click results for a desired internship search type for the users. You can easily click on advanced search options like work from home internships, Digital marketing internships, Content writing internships (3), MBA internships, and more.


4. Pick the best-suited internship

Internshala and Hiredd.com have listed some of the best internship opportunities for students, ranging from the top market leaders to the budding startups in India. Pick the best-suited internship for you from the platform and apply instantly.


5. Apply online

Gone are the days when envelopes passed our letters about our abilities to the employers, which went through another round involving multiple tasks done manually. Apply for internships directly at Hiredd and Internshala and upload your CV within minutes.

Note: Often, companies ask a set of questions to the candidates applying for the internship online to examine their approach and personality.


6. Stay informed about your roles & responsibilities as an intern

Hiredd.com and Internshala (4) ensure that the students looking forward to applying for internships are entirely aware of their roles and responsibilities as an intern. Additionally, the users are also informed about the company and the stipend and duration of the internship. 




Hiredd.com is an emerging internship and job search platform in India that serves as a bridge between job seekers and recruiters, helping them find common ground to conduct recruitment activities. Hiredd enables its users to search, browse, filter, and apply for the desired internship in a few clicks. Additionally, it also comes with an in-built resume builder, designed exclusively for its users.




Internshala is a leading internship search portal that has thousands of internships listed on its platform for users to search from. Be it the media industry or the management field, Internshala has extracted internship opportunities from every possible sector, improving accessibility for its users. Head over to these websites to find some of the best internship opportunities for you now!

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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