Google Chromecast Dongle Review – Turn Your Tv into Smart Tv

Google has introduced Chromecast Dongle that facilitates web browsing, video watch and many more in TV set. After the failure of Google TV, Google has taken care and developed Chromecast device that now runs in a success track. This avails the general TV users with smart experience in an affordable price. This is an exciting feature for the TV users to use this smart device for smart TV experience and this made the users to opt for Chromecast Dongle.

Unboxing and price Tag :

Once the box gets opened we find a Plastic Chromecast device, an USB cable and the power adapter well packed in the box. The device is just like a pen drive that plugs to the TV HDMI port, an USB cable is used to connect the device port to the TV USB port for power supply or the recommended power supply is to connect one end of the USB cable to the power adapter which in turn gets connect to the wall plug pack that supplies power to the Chromecast device on the other end of USB cable.

The exciting feature that makes the users fall for this Chromecast Dongle is its price tag that is only about $35 app. This would be one of the wonderful things Google have made.

How Google Chromecast Works :

The 3-inch Chromecast device is easy to set up and use, first plug-in the device to the HDMI Port of TV and connect the USB cable either to the USB port of your TV or power adapter and to the device. Then download the Chromecast set up app into your specified device may be mobile, laptop or desktop. The app asks for the WI-FI network and password which the users have to enter. Then all you have to do is rename the detected Chromecast device, install a Google chrome extension in your device and the connection is set up with Chromecast device.

Now the device is ready for casting. This device supports limited like Netflix app currently only for the Android devices, You Tube app and Google’s play apps. All these apps are supported in almost all the platforms like Android, Mac, Linux and Windows etc. As you start to cast a video from the device it streams the video from the Internet and not from the device that means it gets access to the video from Internet directly. The Internet connection affects the quality of the video, so take care not to have a slow Internet connection.

There are many questions raised about the remote-less control of the apps in TV. This can be done through your specified device which needs Chromecast app or Chrome browser. For the Mobile device switch to the app and control the video from the app. For the computer you need to have a Chrome browser, open the browser to control the apps. For the Android device the lock screen is substituted with three controls like pause, play and replay for the video. This also avails music services like Pandora radio and Google Play Music. All this features are very flexible to use and fun to watch them on your TV set.

Pro’s and Con’s :

At the low price of $35 app. it is funny and exciting to see all our browser features in TV like mail, video etc. and to control them with our device. The 720 p clarity device is good to watch a little less resolution videos but we find it little fuzzy or blurry while watching them.

For now this cannot be used to access your device display on the TV screen as like Airplay. There are little more enhancements and add-ons to be made in the Chromecast device to make it more useful and reliable. On the whole this Chromecast device is one of the latest inventions that made general TV users as Smart TV users in an affordable price but with limited features.

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