A New Way to Generate Leads: How Adam Robinson’s startup GetEmails gets emails from your website visitors

Adam's co-founded startup GetEmails is helping companies generate automatic emails from its website visitors.

Websites and e-commerce portals have been using and working on building multiple new ways to convert your website visitors into future customers. For this, various product schemes and discounts are provided to a visitor if he/she opts to feed in their email addresses on the website. 

Emails form a valuable part of marketing and sales as it is one of the ethical and potential ways of converting visits to sales. Imagine if you could automatically gain information about your website visitors? Sounds outlawed? Don’t worry, it isn’t. 


The One-Stop-Solution for generating legit leads

Adam Robinson and his team of co-founders, including Diana Ross and Tate Blahnik, have designed and created GetEmails that automatically identifies up to 35% of your anonymous traffic and transfers the customer records that you don’t have added. GetEmails is CAN-SPAM compliant in the US.

Visit GetEmail’s website here.

While working on an Enterprise-Grade Email Service Provider called Lead.com, Robinson noticed a problem called “The Identity Gap.” The two identification technologies being used for sales called Clearbit Reveal reported solely the names of the companies that visit your website, and Clearbit Enrich gave you social and company data about people that you have email addresses for. 

The curiosity to know the individuals visiting the website, and not just the companies, led to the invention of GetEmails.com. 


How GetEmails works?

I bet we all are quite aware of what cookies are. We fill out data several times online, be it to subscribe to a service or buy an online product. Many times such websites make use of cookies (you aren’t obliged to provide cookies), which stores data about our identity to assist them in approaching us in the future. 

Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson

GetEmails, once added to your website, extract such data from your visitor’s cookies, that might contain a user’s email, etc., revealing a visitor’s minimal data. GetEmails has its ‘opt-in’ partner network websites. If a visitor submits their email on these websites, they are automatically stored in their database of over half a billion personal emails. 

The co-founder added,

“It’s substantially more top-of-the-funnel leads for any business than they would have had otherwise. You can add these emails to existing automation, and nurture them into opt-in subscribers or paying customers, depending on your business type.”


Failures and Lessons Learnt Before GetEmails

Robinson’s first startup Robly rocket-shipped to $5m in revenues but stalled out because they had a finite lead pool and a competitive space with a few huge, dominant brands. He spent three years trying to figure out ways on how to grow it.

“Along the way, I failed spectacularly three times. I hired and fired 35 people. I tried to take the partner program of a competitor who was cutting it … Which not only didn’t work, but I got sued, which ended up costing me $300k. We spent a million dollars building lead.com and ended up throwing away the code after 18mo,”

he said.

All the suffering and failures are the lessons learned the hard way, which made him grow tremendously, both personally and professionally. 

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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