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A good domain name must be three things- short, simple & catchy. Killerlaunch helps you in finding the right domain name for your company with the multiple domain names listed on its website. 

A right domain name is as essential as a business model. Sure, you can function great without one, but in today’s times, if you are looking for stability and have a long-term-approach for your business, the right domain name can do wonders for you. You surely must’ve heard about how the most successful startup stories begin from short, simple, and catchy domain names. Now is your time to implement it.

Domain names serve much to every type of business. For example, CricBuzz, with its unique domain name serves as the leading website for news and updates on cricket exclusively. Its simple and catchy domain name is one of the reasons why it has made itself the leading cricket news website across the country.

In the same way, having a short and simple domain name helps users to remember you, which is mainly how they’ll revisit your site. For instance, if you’re a crypto news aggregator website, keeping in mind the popularity of cryptocurrency in recent times, a person will probably visit you in two significant ways, i.e., via organic searches (like Tron news) & referrals. Now, you’ll only revisit the site if you remember its name, which is only possible if the domain name is short, simple, and memorable. Thus, serving its purpose. 


Elements of a Good Domain Name

A specific set of rules can not restrict an excellent domain name. Many businesses and startups have seen success even after skipping some basic principles of choosing a domain name. However, your domain name success highly depends on your business goals. For example, AppFutura is a great domain name that is ten characters long and defines its services with its domain name. 


In general terms, the following are the elements of the right domain name: 

A. Keep it Short

A right domain name should be short in length so that the visitors of the site can effortlessly memorize it. According to research, the most common name length for a domain name is approximately 12 characters. Always try and stick to the shorter domain name as it’s proven to bring in more website traffic and hand-in-hand business success. 


B. Ease-to-Spell

Remember that your visitors are not up for a spell bee competition. The ease-to-spell characteristic of a domain name often enables users to reaccess the site and revisit it without landing up on another website because of the spelling difficulty. You need to choose your domain name for the masses, so keep it simple.


C. Memorability

Let’s take it like this. Supposedly you met two people named Shaarmetel and Max. Whose name will you remember at once? We all know the answer to that question. It is thus recommended to choose domain names that are easy to remember as that multiplies a person’s chances of revisiting your site.


D. Brandability

A domain name should be brandable. No matter if you choose a name that resonates with your firm’s product or services or just an unusual gimmick, the main thing that matters is, will the domain name add to a company’s brand-ability? A great example of a brandable domain is the Chatib app. The messaging platform gives you an idea about the product right by reading the word chat-ib.


E. Avoid Hyphens & Numbers

A domain name should be simple, concise, and catchy. Imagine having a hyphen or other symbols used in the domain name. Supposedly you’re looking for the best weather apps. Would you be looking at sites like or something like The second one is easier to remember because of the absence of hyphens & numbers in its domain name. 


F. Uniqueness

Unique domain names are just the cherry to the icing of the domain cake. A short, simple, and catchy domain name is already the three main pillars of forming the right kind of domain name, but the uniqueness is what makes it stand out. Clone Hero serves as a great app domain name for a game. 


How KillerLaunch Helps You Find Your Perfect Domain

Starting a startup or running an established business is a very time-consuming job. An entrepreneur works 24×7 for 365 days a year with no breaks or Sundays. At, decrypt your web worries away as you watch your software dreams meet. 

1. Time-Saving

You can buy and sell domain names rapidly on Killerlaunch. At Killerlaunch, they understand that time is the most precious thing one owns. Your domain names are just a few clicks away with Killerlaunch instantaneous outcomes.


2. Ready-to-Use Domains

In addition to providing domain names for different sectors of the market, KillerLaunch also provides its users and clients with ready-to-use domain names that come packed with their pre-designed logo.  


3. Generate Your Domain Name

Sometimes, we have an idea as to what we want, and sometimes we don’t. Killerlaunch provides you with its App Name Generator & Company Name Generator that assists you in finding out your best domain name according to your company’s industry, etc. 


4. Deal With Verified Sellers

All the domain names listed by the sellers on Killerlaunch’s website are first verified by the company to make Killerlaucnh a wholly safe and trustable website for buying and selling domain names. 


5. Negotiate & Initiate Safe Payments

Killerlaunch helps negotiate the prices between the buyer and the seller to close the deal at a satisfactory price for both parties. All the payments on the website are secure and protected by KillerLaunch Escrow. 


All in all, the importance of a domain name can not be overemphasized enough in today’s digital times, where everything goes around the internet. Visit KillerLaunch today to find your best domain name deal. You can also list domain names at KillerLaunch at an affordable rate of $10 per month plus a success fee on the successful sale of the domain name. 

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